Lesson learned on the fold

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Here’s the tale of my latest school project and the lessons learned while sewing it.

Last week, I had the presentation for the latest design we did at school. And boy, was it a hectic week!

Now that calm and a little free time has been restored, I’m excited to finally show you the final result.


The assignment was to create a wearable object or garment that used folds as a mean to create volume and shape. From there, ideas and concepts were brainstormed until finally I had a moodboard that inspired me.

On the fold - 2

One thing that kept coming back was the idea to make scales with folded fabric. At first, it seemed like a super and intriguing idea, but what wasn’t anticipated was the amount of headache and swearing at the sewing machine this would eventually bring!

When making fabric manipulations, I tested my ideas doing mini toiles or muslin on a wooden mannequin. This was a very helpful way of quickly trying out new things.

On the fold - 1

After some complex pattern making and figuring out what to fold and how. It slowly started to take shape.


And of course, to make things a lot easier, faux leather was just the fabric to help. (Cynical? Me? Noooo…)

Here’s an example of the daily struggle sewing this jacket caused…

On the fold - 3

Well, all in all, now that it is done, I’m very happy and proud with the result. This was a a big learning experience and one I want to share with you. So here’s a few tips and tricks learned along the way and that made sewing leather much less stressing. A faux-leather jacket for Spring anyone?


Test, test, test

Faux leather is tricky because once it’s pierced, there’s no turing back. So one thing that makes the process easier is to test every new technique you want to use. You have to sew through 8 layers of leather and don’t know if your machine can withstand it? Test it! That way you can find the best techniques to handle what you need to do without having the added pressure of “you have to get it right the first time”.

Who needs fancy sewing feet?

If you don’t have a fancy roller foot to use with leather, don’t worry! There’s a simple trick you can use and it makes a world of a difference when topstitching. To help the feet slide on the fabric, use tissue paper or wrapping tissue on top of it. And if you’re afraid of the feeding dogs damaging areas where there’s a lot of layers (typically, when going over seams), use the paper underneath your work too. Trust me, it works like a charm and it is easily removed once the seam is done.

Sewing thick fabric

Finally, knowing which feet to use when sewing thick fabric can help a lot. I’ve used countless times the little button on the back of my standard presser foot. (If you don’t know its use, try this How-To I wrote last year, it’ll change your life! 😉 ). And the blind hem foot was so useful when doing accurate topstitching (How-To available too!).

Now that this project is done, things are going to get serious! :-)


The research and design of the final collection is here and I’ve already started brainstorming theme and ideas. If you want to follow along, check out my Instagram for work in progress pictures.

That’s it for today! See you soon with lots of new designs and futurs project.

New year, new goals!

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Happy New Year everyone! (insert virtual confettis! :-) )

Hard to believe that we are already in 2016! Wishing you a truly magical year, filled with lots of happiness, love, health, creativity and new projects. And may you be blessed by the sewing goddess…

Now, let’s talk about resolutions! With every new year, comes the desire for new goals and fresh starts. However, resolution is not a word I normally cherish. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to improve things and try my best to become a better version of myself. But setting clear goals is not for me this year. Instead, I prefer thinking of guidelines and have a little wriggle room for improvisation.

In any case, what better way to help keeping track of new goals, than to write them down here for all of you to be witness, and hopefully, helping me achieving them?!


After scrolling down the blogroll, I’ve read several inspiring posts about 2016, sewing goals and life changing decisions. Well, in my case, there’s no drastic decisions (they were made last year… 😉 ). But only a simple list of things and state of mind I’m hoping to achieve this year.

‘Tis the season…

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Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a very crafty new year! :-)


And a very happy New Year to all of you! :-)

Thank you so much for visiting this little corner of the Internet and making my day with your lovely comments and words of support! I’m so grateful to be part of such an inspiring and kind community.

May your holidays be filled with love and laughter and family time. And wishing you lots of fabric, yarn, crafty goodies under the tree and that you’ll get to enjoy some time creating this Christmas!

See you next year for new exciting projects!

Welcome to the world gifts

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Ahh, baby stuff is in the air! Here’s the latest gift made for an adorable little boy. Welcome to the world little baby!

Let’s take a break from school projects and talk about some baby stuff for a change, shall we?
Recently, a dear friend of mine gave birth to the most precious little boy. And even though at the moment, things are hectic and fashion school is completely taking over my life and projects, I tried to find time to make him a special welcome gift.

Welcome to the world gifts - 7

Want to see more? Here’s plenty of pictures and details for you!

Here’s a look at the first real project produced in my experimenting class.

If you’ve been following this space closely, chances are you have already seen a few glimpses of a school project I’ve started at the beginning of the school year.
It was recently finished and presented, so now the time has finally arrived to show you the finished result!


The assignment was to create a wearable object inspired by a geometric form. This work was based on the circle and the feeling it creates for me.

Crafty spirit project

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Want to see another fashion school project? This one is an accessory but was very fun to do and there’s braiding involved… :-)

Hey! I’ve got a new project ready to share with you!
It’s one of my favourite from all the latest creations from fashion school and it’s not even a garment. 😉

Crafty spirit - 1

If you’re a fine observer, you might have noticed a round shaped pouch that complimented the look of one outfit during my first fashion show. Well, turns out it was another school project that got repurposed. Why not use everything that’s available? 😉

On Sunday, I took part in my very first fashion show! Want to read about it? Here’s the recap with lots of pictures of the event.

Oh Wow! What a ride these last couple of weeks have been!
I’m so happy and proud to say that last Sunday was my very first time participating to a fashion show. And let me tell you, even though it was a great experience, some part of me is happy that it’s over and that I can have a life back! 😉


But let’s start with the beginning.