Inspiration: Coats

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Who’s in the mood for a little coat roundup? :-)

Who else is excited by the imminent arrival of the colder weather? I don’t about you but my to-sew list is starting to get longer and longer, blame it on all the great patterns out there! 😉
One of the item on my list is a beautiful and stylish coat. Earlier this year, I test sewn the Jacqueline Hoodie pattern for Itch to Stitch and I’ve worn it a lot this summer. This experience definitely left me dying to make more coats for the Winter…

Coat-titleSo here’s a little roundup of beautiful ready-to-wear and patterns to get us inspired to make something this autumn.

The jumpsuit/romper experiment

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There’s a new make in my handmade closet but I’m not crazy about it!

Summer is starting to fade, but it’s not necessarily bad news in the sewing world!

There’s a lot of exciting projects that can be made for autumn. I have big dreams for it, a new coat (as if I didn’t already own a thousand…), a transition dress, some lingerie and bikini (not very cold weather friendly, but we’re finally getting away to the beach for a week in september). And let’s not forget school will be starting soon, which means another ton of new projects and ideas coming my way…
However crazy my to-sew list is becoming, there’s still some summer sewing going on around here and the latest make is a Sallie Jumpsuit hacked into a romper!


And I’m not so crazy about it… :-/

Inspiration: Stash busters projects

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Want to use all these scraps of fabric you have been hoarding for too long? I found some great projects to do so…

These last few weeks, everything was about organising and storing the stash. Even though, my whole fabric collection is neatly catalogued, going through it made me realise how much I already own. And logically, this lead to a furious wish to sew it all and a frantic search for ideas on how to do so. This need was especially true for the small bits and pieces here and there we, makers, eventually accumulate.

So I thought you would all enjoy a roundup of ideas to use up these annoying scraps of fabric.
Ready, set, sew!

I’m going back to school!

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This is the beginning of a whole new adventure in fashion design…

Yes, at the end of the month, I’ll be joining students from all around the world and going back to school to learn fashion design. I’m very excited by this right now even though it can seem like going backwards! But to grasp the whole situation, let me tell you the story from the beginning.


A few years back, this little corner of the Internet world came to be. At the time, I wasn’t happy with my job and felt I needed a creative outlet. I was doing a lot of knitting and some sewing at the time and wanted to share it with the creative online community. Being a avid online learner and basically learning every techniques from books or online videos, I’ve always been so grateful for the help and knowledge available out there. It became obvious I needed to pay it back and share what techniques and tips I’d acquired along the years. And so, Stitch-N-Smile was created.

This post is all about little tips and tricks to help you organise and store your fabric stash. There’s even a neat way of easily folding your fabric that you just have to try!

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to better organise my sewing room and supplies. Once in a while I get this urge to declutter and make the most out of what I already own and now is this time.
However motivated I can be, taming the fabric stash is always daunting. Usually I end up just folding them the best I can and putting them back in the box. And without a fault, a few projects later, everything is in a mess again. Does this keep happening to you too?
I’ve decided that this would change and that I had to find a better system for folding and storing my stash.
So today, I’ll be showing you my new and improved method to keep everything neatly stored! :-)

Organising your fabric stash

Ready? Let’s put some order into the sewing room!

Stylish in my new Emily Culottes

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Yes, there’s a new make in my wardrobe, and a very stylish one too!
This post is long overdue because these culottes were finished in May (!), but I’ve been wearing them so often that I kept forgetting to take pictures when they were clean and pressed. Better late than never as they say…

Emily Culottes - Pattern by Itch to Stitch

So, without further ado, let me tell you the story of this new make.
After test sewing a few times already for Kennis from Itch to Stitch, I had my eyes and her very trendy Emily Culottes.

Organising fabric

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Fabric organisation can be a daunting task. However, when done well, it can help the planning stage and even prevent a lot of unnecessary trips to the fabric store. In the following post, I’ll be sharing my plan to tame my own stash.

I have a confession to make: I love buying fabric and sewing supplies. And the cuter the better! So much that if I don’t regularly tidy my crafting room, things can get quickly out of hand.


And turns out, this time of year is here again and with it, the need to have a more organised space.