10 signs you’re a Maker

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Are you a maker? Can you always be found sewing and creating things? Here’s 10 signs you’re part of the team!

We, makers, all have strange habits. And even if the rest of the world can’t seem to really understand them, it’s always nice to find another person with the same quirks you have.
So in the spirit of community, here’s a list of 10 things we, makers do. Hopefully, I’ll not be alone with this! 🙂


Without further ado, here’s the list:

1. Spots things in the shop and say: I can do better

It’ll certainly take more time and cost more money but having the satisfaction of doing it yourself is a sure sign you’re a maker.

2. Always look how things are made

Do you catch yourself always looking “behind the seams”, trying to understand how this particular thing was made? Yeah, me too!

3. Spend hours getting inspired on Pinterest

This is like falling into the rabbit hole… And ending up with a ton of new projects for the to-do list.


4. Collect fabric, yarn and craft supplies

Aren’t we all fabric/yarn/notions/insert craft supply hoarders? Yep, don’t keep this a secret anymore, this is another sign you’re part of the team!

5. Using the sofa as a giant pincushion when hand sewing in front of the TV

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it the most convenient way to use the sofa? Sadly, usually the husband doesn’t agree…

6. It’s worth keeping right? I can totally do something with this scrap of fabric

If you’re also convinced that throwing away any kind of fabric is a crime, let’s be friends and exchange stash busting tips! 🙂


7. Having enough supplies to make all the things but not two buttons that matches

Isn’t it the worst?

8. You use the floor as a working space

You can have the best sewing room, something always ends being done on the floor, it’s the biggest table there is!

9. You find pins in the whole house

As long as no one steps on it, everything is alright…


10. Any reason to buy fabric is a good reason!

This doesn’t need any comment, if you feel that way too, welcome to the makers club! 🙂

So, what’s the verdict are you a maker too?