2014, it’s a wrap!

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In December, I wrote about my pre-resolution which became my goal for this last month, getting things done!
Surprisingly, even with the craziness of the holidays, it turned out quite well and now having wrapped 2014, it’s time to see what got done!
I’ll start by saying that I’m very happy with this goal because it motivated me to finish quite a few projects, and I now have a clear space to start 2015.

2014 it's a wrap - Title
Want to see my finish projects? Let me show them to you!

The first thing that was done is a pair of UGG inspired slippers. They were started when it was still super trendy to wear these huge knitted boots but sadly interest was lost when I finished the first one. Second slipper syndrome, anyone? Instead they’ve been taking precious space in my craft closet for years now…

2014 it's a wrap - UGG slippers

It was definitely a good thing to finish these slippers in the beginning of the winter months. They’ll probably get used a lot!

The thing I was the most happy to finish and wear was the vintage inspired green shawl, from New Vintage Lace, I started during our honeymoon in October.

2014 it's a wrap - Green shawl

It was a very quick knit and perfect for the beach but I got stuck just before binding off. Now that it’s blocked, it was worn a lot during the holidays, perfect timing!

2014 it's a wrap - Green shawl

Started this next one when I was designing the pattern for Coquelicot.


It was the first test I did but realised I didn’t have enough of the same coloured yarn to finish it. Having done some changes to the pattern, I casted on another to use as the sample shawl and this one got forgotten under the pile of other things to do. Now, after just a few rows, the shawl is done and blocked. This one was a gift to my Mum for Christmas!

Magmatic, a pattern from last year’s MClub, was stopped just before going away this Automn. I needed the needles and wasn’t planning on taking it with me. Turns out, putting it back on the needles was too much effort for me and it got forgotten…

2014 it's a wrap Magmatic

When I decided to get rid of my unfinished projects, I got the motivation to start again and put it back on track. A few rows after that, it was done. Another to add to the list of things to be gifted!

2014 it's a wrap - Magmatic detail

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, things got a little slower. After finishing all of these knits, I decided that it was safe to start a small accessory, something that could be finished quickly.

2014 it's a wrap - Bandana

Having successfully knitted a Bandana from the Purl Soho last year, I knew it was a instant gratification knit. And it was! Finished only a few hours before 2015, it was the perfect thing to relax before throwing the big party.

2014 it's a wrap - Bandana detail

Besides knitting, a few other embroidery projects made it to the pile of finished ones.

2014 it's a wrap Embroideries

As well as a cushion, which Joey likes a lot! 😉

2014 it's a wrap - Embroidery cushion and cat

Even with all of these being done, there’s still a sweater, a shrug and a scarf that awaits completion. And I also need to gather courage to quilt my beautiful blanket I started too many years ago. But now, I’m on track, they should be done soon! 🙂

Did you also finish any projects just before the New Year? Tell us about it in the comments!