A magic ball with magic knots…

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As you might know, I’m currently knitting the last MClub Mystery Knit Along: Magmatic.
It’s a very fun knit perfect for using small bits of yarn left from previous projects. Why? Because we are using a Magic Ball!

Magic ball

This special ball of yarn is made using different small skeins and connecting them as you wind them using a Magic Knot. It’s a great technique for mini skeins, left over yarns and gradient yarns in other words, all the things you certainly have but don’t know what to make with. And because the yarns are all connected beforehand, you don’t have a crazy amount of ends to weave at the end. Win-win! 🙂

I’m sure a lot of you would like to try your hand at this fun “magically self-striping yarn”, so I’m going to show you how you can create one of your own!

First choose and organise your yarns in the order you want them to be.

Next you’re going to wind the first one keeping in mind that it’ll be the last colour you are going to knit with because it’ll end up in the center of the ball.

Then connect the second one with a Magic Knot as follows:
Place both yarn parallel to each other, each end facing a different direction.

Yarns parallele

Take one end and make it go under the other one.


Then over.


Make a knot and tie it well.


Tied knot

Do the same thing with the other end. (Under, over, knot)

Same with other yarn

Two knots

Pull on the two ends to tighten and cut near the knot.


If you did these steps correctly your knot should not come apart. But it’s never a bad idea to pull hard on the two yarns and make sure everything is securely tightened.

Magic knot

A note of caution though. This knot is very discret and fast but will work well only with non slippery yarns like wool.
To continue your Magic Ball, wind the second yarn as you did the first and connect with the third the same way.

Now you can enjoy a self stripping and ends free yarn! Be aware though that these are addictive, it won’t be the last you make, I guarantee that!