About last year…

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Hey, it’s been a long time!

You may have noticed that it has been quite a while since something new appeared around here. In fact, I have been silent for pretty much all of 2016, crazy!
However, after this hiatus, my new year resolution for 2017 is to come back to blogging and sharing my projects!

But before we start with new directions and what’s ahead, let’s focus first on what happened last year.

Going back to school!

As you may know, I’ve returned to school to learn more about pattern making and get my degree in fashion design. When I think of it, it doesn’t seem like long ago since I presented my finale collection but quite a few months have gone by without me noticing anything.
Truthfully, this last year has been so intense that I needed a little time off to recover from the madness of it all. The summer and beginning of autumn were the perfect period to relax and spend some time thinking about what lies ahead. In the mean time, I also started a part time job and had to deal with finding a new work/life balance. This off period also gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I wanted to do in the future as a designer.
But now, with the new year starting and the reflection done, I’m back on track!
And to tie the last year up, I thought it a good idea to reflect and share my experience and all the things learned during it.

At first, my hope was to blog and share some insights with you during the time I was taking classes. Turns out, enrolling in a one year intensive program and writing content for a blog isn’t doable for the mere mortal that I am. As a result, this corner of the great wide web became quiet for a while but it allowed me to focus all of my energy on this new adventure.
However, I did find some time at the very beginning to write a bit about the projects I was working on. And if you’re interested in reading about them, you can find them here and here.

Hopes and dreams

Perhaps you wonder what on earth motivated me to pursue such an intense education? Well the answer is simple: for quite some time now I felt fashion design was the path for me. I’ve been pretty passionate about sewing my own wardrobe and learning about pattern making on my own. However, there was a lot of missing pieces if I wanted to go into it full time and professionally. That’s when going back to school became a solution.

Stitch-N-Smile has now been running for a couple of years and it has always been a dream of mine to transform what I’ve learned from this experiment into something more permanent and professional. And if I’m allowed to dream a little maybe even create a real direction for it so I would be able to work toward my goal of being an independent designer.
The program I enrolled in was everything I needed. It was an incredible opportunity to learn about the fashion world and its rules, directly from talented professionals. A way to learn more about the specifics of industry pattern making. A great motivation to design and produce a first full collection and on top of everything else, a very good excuse to draw again!

So during this last year, my mission was to learn as much as humanly possible and use the work done for this degree as a starting point for an independent venture.

Did it turned out like expected? Well, not quite but it came pretty close. So that’s the story I’ll be sharing with you in the next posts.
See you next week!