Hi! My name is Coralie!

I’m a passionate seamstress, enthusiastic knitter, a Swiss based blogger, an aspiring pattern maker and lover of all things pretty.

Burdastyle Blouse

How it all started…

Before starting the adventure that has been Stitch-N-Smile, blogging had been on the back of my mind for quite a while. My wish was to find a place to celebrate individuality, to rejoice in the thrill of creative expression, all the while sharing work I’m proud of or learned from. Somewhere where the time spent to create a unique handmade project you know you’ll love and cherish is truly valued. And that’s how this little corner of the Internet came to be.

The creativity bug was caught some time ago while spending an important part of my childhood watching my Grandma hand making everything that was humanly possible. Since then, I blacken way too many post-its with ideas and dreams and hope that one day, I’ll be able to keep and record everything in a real sketch book, rather than spreading it everywhere.

Always a daydreamer and hopeless romantic, I enjoy escaping to other worlds by reading every book I can get my hands on. Very curious, my husband and I also love discovering new places, tasting new flavours and imagining ways we can create a better home for our two adorable furry friends and ourselves.

Where I’m headed…

Because what I secretly aspire to do is to craft myself a handmade life. A simple life where my whole wardrobe would be composed of handmade items, where I can do what I love everyday and simply enjoy every moments of it. Stitch-N-Smile is a big part in making this handmade life a reality. Through it, I was able to share and give back to the online community from which I’ve been learning all these years. It’s also a wonderful means to meet like minded people and to connect with a common passion across countries and oceans.

This online journey also sparked the need for me to become more serious and learn more about fashion design. That why I’m currently attending a design school to get my degree in this subject and dive even further into this fascinating world.

So if you love choosing the softest yarn for your next knitting project or if mastering that vintage hand sewing technique is on your to-do list, then join me on my journey to happiness and let’s create together our handmade life!

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Looking forward to see around! 🙂