Beating the heat: Angelia shorts

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How I worship my latest pair of Angelia shorts at the moment! 🙂

Back in May, I’ve signed up once again to be a tester on Kennis from Itch to Stitch latest pattern, a pair of shorts.

Having been on my to-make list for quite some time, I desperately needed a new pair of shorts for this summer so you can imagine how glad I was to have been chosen to test… I’ve come to really love the testing process as you feel useful because it helps the designer and it’s a very good motivation for the tester to make and finish a garment in a limited of amount time! 😉


And with this epic heat wave we’re having at the moment, I want to live in them!

The best part about this pattern is the details. And if you’ve been following this blog, you know how I LOVE details! 🙂

These shorts come in three versions, a simple clean look that’s quick to make and easy to match with any summer outfit. A more detailed version with pockets, decorative tabs and a fold over hem. And a knee length variant for a more modest look.


Obviously, I went with version 2. But now that I’ve seen how great they look (thanks to the relaxed fit at the thighs), I’m seriously thinking about making a more versatile version 1 with denim. Hurray for making your own clothes! 🙂

To make these, I’ve decided to go eco-friendly and re-use a old coton bed sheet which color I found too pretty to throw away. Already owing a couple of jeans shorts, I decided that a fun pair of bright pink ones could be a nice addition to the closet.

However, because details on this pattern are so nice and I was afraid that they would get lost if done all in the same color, a contrasting and fun patterned fabric was chosen for the tabs. This decision was just perfect to use up scraps of this coton fabric.

Old bed sheets, using scraps, these shorts used fully recycled material plus turned out to be exactly what I needed for my handmade closet, can it be better than this? 🙂


Okay, let’s get pass the fabric excitement here and focus on the construction of the pattern.

As always, Itch to Stitch‘s patterns are well drafted, have easy to follow instructions and have a nice fit. If you’re never sewn one of them, I highly encourage you to check the Lindy Petal Skirt, it’s free and you’ll understand what I’m talking about! 😉

Being a test, I knew that misfit was a possibility however the confident seamstress in me believed that having done already a few Itch to Stitch patterns (Jacqueline Hoodie and the Lindy Petal Skirt), matching my body would not be a problem. Plus I would check that everything fits as I sewed…

Oh, how wrong I was… My inner confient seamstress does not come out often and I was very happy to have followed her advice and fitted everything on the go. I’ve even made the huge mistake to entirely finish these shorts before checking the fit one last time. Bad seamstress, bad…

Turns out, they were way too big on me!

I don’t fully understand what went wrong here. The measurements matched, I’ve tried them on a few times (regardless of my newly acquired confidence) and it still didn’t work out. I’ll probably make another pair, a simpler one to really understand how such a thing could happen.


Lesson learned: I should’ve definitely made the simple version first and check everything fit the way it should before starting to sew the more complex, time consuming one. And I would of have two pairs of shorts… Bummer!

With Kennis’ help and advice, I’ve in extremis managed to save this pair and make them wearable. What a relief!

On this next picture you can see how the alterations I had to make to the pattern drastically changed the pocket opening’ size. (You can even spot, under the belt loop, the side seam I’ve added to the band so it’ll have a better fit…)

Unfortunately, now the pockets are only decorative, because only my finger fits in them (!). But with the tab closing them, chances are that I wouldn’t have used them a lot anyway. (Yes, I’m finding myself excuses, but lesson learned, I’ll do better next time!)


Let’s finish this post on a more happy note!

As a fun detail (told you I’m all about them! 😉 ), fabric covered buttons were used. Pink ones to go on the contrasting tabs, and patterned ones for the back pockets. I’m so in love with these buttons, I want to have matching fabric buttons on everything now…hopefully it’ll only be a phase and will pass eventually, otherwise I’ll have to buy them wholesale! 😉


All in all, I’m very pleased with these shorts. I’ve learned a valuable lesson (don’t finish everything until you’re 100% positive of the fit and make a muslin first!), sewn some great contrasting details (how cute are those tabs!) and made myself a useful piece of clothing.

In the end, I’d say it’s a win! Now on to the next project, see you soon! 🙂