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This is the third and final part of a series of posts recalling my going back to school and today I’ll be wrapping up and giving you a glimpse of what’s in store for the future.

One of the biggest reason I wanted to go back to school was to get help creating and launching my project. This special year was truly a blessing because it gave me time to learn, experiment and practice my creative skills something that would have been hard to do on my own.

Now that I’ve showed you all the creative process behind the making of my finale collection, let’s talk about the more practical aspect of the project.

So, at first, the main question was: how do I get to live a creative life and be part of the fashion world, while staying aligned with my ethical conscience without relying on a lot of financial help?

As much as I love the creative process behind the fashion industry, it’s not without its problems. Factories are overproducing, wasting a lot of natural ressources and treating human lives badly.
This is not something I want to support and be part of.
And let’s not forget that it has been increasingly difficult for new independent designers to bypass the system and make it on their own. Producing a whole collection yourself isn’t really financially viable nowadays.

But there’s a solution!

#OneWeek100People2017 challenge!

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This week I’m taking a break from the Designing my first collection series to do something a little different!

I’ve said it before, but one of the things I was most happy doing again last year in school was drawing.

This might be a little of topic from my regular sewing, knitting and design blogging, but I thought this topic could be interesting to some so why not give it a try?

(You’ll notice the handmade pencil case in the picture! Sewing is never very far from all my activities… 😉 )

This is the second part of a serie relating the story behind my going back to school and creating a fashion collection in just a few months.

A big part of the project was designing and actually creating the clothes for the collection. When that was done, it was a great relief but certainly not the end of the project.

If you’ve missed the first part of the serie about the design process, you can read it here.

About last year…

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Hey, it’s been a long time!

You may have noticed that it has been quite a while since something new appeared around here. In fact, I have been silent for pretty much all of 2016, crazy!
However, after this hiatus, my new year resolution for 2017 is to come back to blogging and sharing my projects!

But before we start with new directions and what’s ahead, let’s focus first on what happened last year.

New year, new goals!

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Happy New Year everyone! (insert virtual confettis! 🙂 )

Hard to believe that we are already in 2016! Wishing you a truly magical year, filled with lots of happiness, love, health, creativity and new projects. And may you be blessed by the sewing goddess…

Now, let’s talk about resolutions! With every new year, comes the desire for new goals and fresh starts. However, resolution is not a word I normally cherish. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to improve things and try my best to become a better version of myself. But setting clear goals is not for me this year. Instead, I prefer thinking of guidelines and have a little wriggle room for improvisation.

In any case, what better way to help keeping track of new goals, than to write them down here for all of you to be witness, and hopefully, helping me achieving them?!


After scrolling down the blogroll, I’ve read several inspiring posts about 2016, sewing goals and life changing decisions. Well, in my case, there’s no drastic decisions (they were made last year… 😉 ). But only a simple list of things and state of mind I’m hoping to achieve this year.

‘Tis the season…

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Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a very crafty new year! 🙂


And a very happy New Year to all of you! 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting this little corner of the Internet and making my day with your lovely comments and words of support! I’m so grateful to be part of such an inspiring and kind community.

May your holidays be filled with love and laughter and family time. And wishing you lots of fabric, yarn, crafty goodies under the tree and that you’ll get to enjoy some time creating this Christmas!

See you next year for new exciting projects!