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Welcome to the world gifts

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Ahh, baby stuff is in the air! Here’s the latest gift made for an adorable little boy. Welcome to the world little baby!

Let’s take a break from school projects and talk about some baby stuff for a change, shall we?
Recently, a dear friend of mine gave birth to the most precious little boy. And even though at the moment, things are hectic and fashion school is completely taking over my life and projects, I tried to find time to make him a special welcome gift.

Welcome to the world gifts - 7

Want to see more? Here’s plenty of pictures and details for you!

On Sunday, I took part in my very first fashion show! Want to read about it? Here’s the recap with lots of pictures of the event.

Oh Wow! What a ride these last couple of weeks have been!
I’m so happy and proud to say that last Sunday was my very first time participating to a fashion show. And let me tell you, even though it was a great experience, some part of me is happy that it’s over and that I can have a life back! 😉


But let’s start with the beginning.

Knitting Autumn Projects

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Will you be knitting this Autumn? I definitely will and here’s my project list for the weeks to come.

This summer was mostly spent sewing. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been knitting as much as usual lately. Now that the weather is cooling down and that my husband and I will be away on holidays for a week, this seems like the perfect opportunity to start knitting again.

Meta shawl - 1

So what projects are planned for the next few weeks?

Finding time in today’s busy schedules to create is hard. We all know the struggle… Here are 5 advices to help you craft a moment to do more of what you love.

Raise your hand if you’re having the same problem!

Today, everyone has a busy life. Whether you have kids, a demanding job, a very active social life or all of the above, finding time to do the things you love can be hard.
Lately, I’ve struggled to find time and motivation to do what I love. Blame it on the hot summery weather and the need to have a little down time to just enjoy life. But I’m determined to get my mojo back and make this mostly-handmade closet a reality.

Finding time to create title

I find that having time for yourself and what you love to do is really important. In my book, if sewing, knitting, creating and making means unwinding, you should definitely find ways to do it. They can be such powerful hobbies that can seriously make your life happier and help you become a better more calm person. But how to find time?
Here’s a small list of advice I found through trial and errors and helped me become more productive, let’s dive right in!

Ondée – Tester Call

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There’s a new pattern ready and we need some brave souls up for a challenge! 🙂

Ondee - 1

Ondée is a traditional rectangular scarf with a twist: it’s knitted diagonally! Like a usual scarf, it’s worked in one piece, from one edge to the other. The center is a long plain stockinette stitch section but it features a water inspired lace on each sides.

It was a fun pattern to figure out and now is the time for it to be tested in the real world.