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On Sunday, I took part in my very first fashion show! Want to read about it? Here’s the recap with lots of pictures of the event.

Oh Wow! What a ride these last couple of weeks have been!
I’m so happy and proud to say that last Sunday was my very first time participating to a fashion show. And let me tell you, even though it was a great experience, some part of me is happy that it’s over and that I can have a life back! 😉


But let’s start with the beginning.

Let’s face it, until June 2016 things are going to be hectic. Even with the best organisation skills in the world, when juggling too many balls simultaneously a few are bound to be dropped. I knew this when the admission form for fashion school was sent but still, it pains me not being able to write more often on here.

But on the bright side I had a little feline help while working from home! 🙂

Fashion design - 2

Today we are diving into the world of hand sewing and learning four easy stitches that will instantly add a gorgeous Couture touch to any of your projects.

The world of Couture sewing is such a vast and intriguing place. For us, home seamstresses, it’s full of mystery techniques and forgotten tricks, of dream gowns and sequins sewing… (dreamily sighs…)
Recently, I had the great pleasure to watch the movie Dior and I. It’s simply amazing to see how gorgeous gowns are skilfully created by expert hand sewing. And, there’s no sewing machines in sight in those ateliers, that’s what makes this process even more magical.
So to celebrate the art of hand sewing, I thought you would enjoy a collection of hand stitches How-To, so you can use for your everyday sewing!


Ready to give a little couture touch to your garments? Get your needle out and let’s start to sew! 🙂

I finished my very first quilt and it only took 5 years to make it! 😉

I’m very happy and proud to say that my very first quilt was recently finished. And by that I mean: out of the WIP (work in progress) pile and directly into the living room for every day use! 🙂

First quilt-2
This doesn’t seem like an extraordinaire event, in fact you’re probably wondering why in the world I’m so proud of this particular project.
Well, let me explain everything from the start.

Sewphotohop 2015

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Did you joined the very first Sewphotohop on Instagram? In any case, here a recap of this month’s sewing photos.

That’s it! Today is the first day of September which means the Sewphotohop has come to an end.
This great project was the idea of Rachel from House of Pinheiro and consisted of a huge Instagram photo posting month. And to make things even more fun, some giveaways and reductions were offered along the way.



The jumpsuit/romper experiment

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There’s a new make in my handmade closet but I’m not crazy about it!

Summer is starting to fade, but it’s not necessarily bad news in the sewing world!

There’s a lot of exciting projects that can be made for autumn. I have big dreams for it, a new coat (as if I didn’t already own a thousand…), a transition dress, some lingerie and bikini (not very cold weather friendly, but we’re finally getting away to the beach for a week in september). And let’s not forget school will be starting soon, which means another ton of new projects and ideas coming my way…
However crazy my to-sew list is becoming, there’s still some summer sewing going on around here and the latest make is a Sallie Jumpsuit hacked into a romper!


And I’m not so crazy about it… :-/

Stylish in my new Emily Culottes

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Yes, there’s a new make in my wardrobe, and a very stylish one too!
This post is long overdue because these culottes were finished in May (!), but I’ve been wearing them so often that I kept forgetting to take pictures when they were clean and pressed. Better late than never as they say…

Emily Culottes - Pattern by Itch to Stitch

So, without further ado, let me tell you the story of this new make.
After test sewing a few times already for Kennis from Itch to Stitch, I had my eyes and her very trendy Emily Culottes.