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The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up… Yes, summer is here! 🙂

And to celebrate it, I’m in the mood for some quick and stylish sewing!

Lately, I’ve seen lovely Kimono jackets pop up everywhere. My closet currently missing such an item would be happy to have this perfect summer wardrobe staple. It’s decided then, I’ll be sewing it!

In the mean time, I’m using the opportunity to try out a new series for the blog: creating fashion. My goal is to take you from sketch to finished garment, showing you the process from the different inspirations, the construction and pattern making, to the wearable object.


Ready? Let’s have a look at what inspired this project!

Whoa, lately, I’m feeling like I’ve got my sewing/knitting/making mojo back. And it feels sooo good! 🙂

#memademay15 is such a great motivation and wearing my handmade wardrobe feels great and also allows me to find the garments missing from it. The list of things to make is getting longer and it’s exciting! Guess it just one of those things only a DIY can understand! 😉

And as May is usually a month full of long week-ends, this can only mean one thing: lots of sewing and knitting time ahead! (And ice cream, because May means sunshine too! 😉 )

But before the making craze continues, let me share with you my latest make: the Lindy Petal Skirt.


I’ve been very fortunate to test once again for the lovely Kennis at Itch to Stitch. The Jacqueline hoodie, the first pattern I’ve tested for her is such a dream to wear, I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to apply for another of her amazing pattern. And what surprise when she choose me as a tester! Oh, happy day! 🙂

A Moneta for Easter

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Moneta, the brilliant dress pattern from Colette has been on my to-do list for ages. It’s the perfect quick and easy pattern to wear this Spring.

Moneta Dress - 2

I’m very happy with the result, it’s so pretty and comfortable. This dress is also very versatile, it can be easily paired with a leggings and cardigan if the weather isn’t too warm.

New Makes!

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Last week-end was fabulous! 🙂

Even though the weather could’ve been nicer, we were able to do all the things we had planned, meet some friends and even relax. What more to ask? These are the best week-ends.

But best of all, I managed to squeeze in some sewing time and got quite a few makes finished! YAY! 🙂

As the sun has been showing itself more recently, I’m happy to report I have a new Sorbetto finished and ready to wear!


Since January, I’ve been talking a lot about the Wardrobe Architect Challenge the Coletterie is conducting. If you follow this blog, you know these last few weeks have been spent planning and finding my style. The result of this: the first sewing project of 2015 is in the works! 🙂

Blouse pattern Burdastyle magazine

To kick off the sewing craze, I chose a pattern I had at home and one that wouldn’t need a lot of alterations. Hopefully, that’ll mean a quick finished project.

Sewing a Wardrobe

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I always loved creating. No matter the trend, no matter the time, for as long as I can remember I’ve been creating things. Jewellery, garments, shawls, home decor, you name it. While some techniques came and went (scrap booking anyone?), the two things I’ve constantly been doing are knitting and sewing.

Sewing a Wardrobe Title

For me, knitting is perfect for watching TV and making the most of small unused amount of time. Sewing on the other hand can be more demanding and has to be done in a previously designated (cats-free) area.