Crafty spirit project

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Want to see another fashion school project? This one is an accessory but was very fun to do and there’s braiding involved… 🙂

Hey! I’ve got a new project ready to share with you!
It’s one of my favourite from all the latest creations from fashion school and it’s not even a garment. 😉

Crafty spirit - 1

If you’re a fine observer, you might have noticed a round shaped pouch that complimented the look of one outfit during my first fashion show. Well, turns out it was another school project that got repurposed. Why not use everything that’s available? 😉


The assignment was to pick a theme between the five given ones, make a mood board out of it and then create an accessory inspired by it.
Needless to say that when I saw the first one was about being crafty, I jumped on the occasion.
What was fun and different from the other mood board we’ve been doing so far, is that we had to use all of our senses and create a real mood on which to design an accessory.

Crafty spirit - 2

It was very interesting to find objects or materials that could recreate the crafty spirit. And even learn new techniques to make it a more tactile experience.

That is how I got to take time to learn braiding with different number of strands. The 6 strand braid is really lovely and perfect for an elaborate look. But, what was totally unexpected is that the 8 strand braid produces a squared and 3D result. And contrary to popular belief, augmenting the number of strands doesn’t make it necessarily more difficult to do. So all in all, a great new technique to know! (And a really cool idea for a new How-To to come… 😉 )

But enough with the mood aspect of this work, let’s talk about the real accessory.

Crafty spirit - 3

This pouch was created using 6 meters of rope (3 meters for each side), that was machine sewed in spiral using a zigzag stitch.

Crafty spirit - 4

Then, a zip and ribbon were hand stitch to each sides to create the pouch.
And last but not least, a 8 strand braid serves as a hand holder and give this accessory a nice polished look.

Crafty spirit - 5

What do you think? Would you make and use this accessory to compliment one of your looks?
In any case, it was the coolest mood board created so far, I’m hooked to 3D mood boards !