Here’s a look at the first real project produced in my experimenting class.

If you’ve been following this space closely, chances are you have already seen a few glimpses of a school project I’ve started at the beginning of the school year.
It was recently finished and presented, so now the time has finally arrived to show you the finished result!


The assignment was to create a wearable object inspired by a geometric form. This work was based on the circle and the feeling it creates for me.


To illustrate the mood and feeling I wanted to convey, the mood board contains a lot of images giving an impression of expansion. For me, this shape triggered a sentiment of infinity and of constant development. So the final work is an attempt to recreate this in physical form.

Experimenting class - 1

The final object is made of folded organza round shapes held together by well hidden hand stitches. When a stitch had to be made visible, it was made to echo the round edges.

To make this object wearable, an opening closed with transparent snap fasteners is located on the right shoulder.


And finally, to keep the organza edges from fraying, a fine line of nail polish was applied to them. It has also the visual advantage to add interest to this cloud of fabric and makes the round edges stand out a little more.


Did you like reading about this school project? I’m always happy to hear what you think and what you like to read about so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and give your opinion! 🙂