Intrigued by my recent creative endeavour? I’m telling you all about the first few weeks of fashion school right now!

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote or done something for this blog… Don’t get me wrong, this space has never felt more inspiring or tempting, but I recently started a “small” side project that completely took over my life: I’ve started fashion school! 🙂

It has only been a few weeks since this programme started but I’ve already learned so much. It’s so exciting to get up in the morning knowing you’ll have fun all day long trying to come up with interesting ideas. The programme I’m following is specifically geared toward finding new innovative concepts and creating appealing new fashion. This means that we have time scheduled to experiment and try out new things in order to broaden our horizons.


So far, we started a project based on geometric forms. We had to choose a basic shape and let ourselves be inspired by it to create a wearable piece. Here, the goal is not to create a comfortable, marketable garment, but to simply push your creative limits to its furthest point. In order words: Fun with fabric.



To complete the process, we also have a few hours of drawing and sketching at the end of the week. At first, I wasn’t convinced by the necessity of it, but now I can see that I couldn’t have been more wrong! What wasn’t anticipated is how much I’ve been missing sketching. This is something I used to do a lot back in art school, but was forgotten once I started working. Starting from the beginning again hasn’t been easy though and it’s a shame to witness how much skill was forgotten during these lost years. But I’m determined to get it back and have been drawing non-stop since school started again.


I’m excited by all the projects we have coming up and will try my best to find a little time to keep you informed of all the latest developments. But right now, I have to get back to some textile experiments… 😉