On Sunday, I took part in my very first fashion show! Want to read about it? Here’s the recap with lots of pictures of the event.

Oh Wow! What a ride these last couple of weeks have been!
I’m so happy and proud to say that last Sunday was my very first time participating to a fashion show. And let me tell you, even though it was a great experience, some part of me is happy that it’s over and that I can have a life back! 😉


But let’s start with the beginning.

Since September, I’m enrolled in an school to get my degree as a fashion designer. Up until now, we’ve already done a few projects (some of which you’ve got a glimpse here on the blog and some that will soon follow.)
In the beginning of October, one of my teacher got asked to participate to a fashion show that would take place in a fair in Geneva around mid-November. The opportunity was too good to pass and we all started to work, so we could present designs for them to choose from.
Amazingly they decided to go with three of my ideas, which was totally crazy! But I’m not one to refuse an honour like this so, off I went to work and make it happen.


After countless days of working day and night, the big day arrived! What a relief to have been able to create these three outfits!
Want to see them? Here’s a few pictures of the day for you.


The first outfit was a vest made of ribbed velvet and adorned with crocheted motifs. These kind of modern doilies were made using white tulle cut into ribbons and knotted together.


This garment is the one that got me the most trouble. At first, I really didn’t like the strong contrast the white doilies and the beige fabric had together. So after a lot of thinking and ideas, finally they were dyed using tea bags! It wasn’t an easy choice to make (especially since I didn’t have time to crochet new ones if the experiment failed, talk about pressure…) but I’m glad of the way it turned out!


Here you can see the different on the overall garment. It definitely adds a little subtlety to the vest.


The bottom part is a jeans cut into a short with synthetic organza cut into ribbons sewed to the hem. This gives a flowy yet sophisticated effect to the simple short that goes well with the vest.


Fun fact of the day: Using a hair strengthener for pressing the synthetic organza works wonders! In case you were ever wondering… 😉


The second outfit was composed of a short jeans and of a knitted poncho.
What makes the poncho unique is the fact that much like the doilies, it was knitted using black chiffon cut into ribbons stripes and knotted together to create “yarn”.


The process was very long but thankfully I got help with it. And I can’t thank these wonderful helper enough, without them helping me make this special yarn, nothing would have been possible!
The stitch pattern is made using elongated stitched and it was knitted in the round.

And last but not least, using the same “yarn” and process as the poncho. A tunic was made, also knitted in the round, to go with a pair of slightly flared jeans.


So that’s it for today! I have a couple of school projects unblogged so hopefully you’ll get to see them in the next few weeks!
Until then, I hope your projects and even Christmas presents are going well. I can’t wait to start mine! 🙂