Getting things done!

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I don’t know about you but with the start of the last month of the year, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by things that needs to be done before January.
So much has happen this year with Stitch-N-Smile and I’m so grateful about it. However, it also means that in the mean time, lots of projects piled up, were forgotten or simply discarded.
Not wanting to drown in a sea of unfinished things, something had to be done about it, and if possible before starting even more potentially abandoned projects next year.

Getting Things Done - Trying to finish stuff

Joey the cat agrees! 🙂

That being said and to get a little head start, my husband and I started upgrading our creative « work » space this week-end.

The main goal was to remove some furniture, especially merging our two desks into one, in order to make the room more light and stress-free. We just got married, sharing a desk shouldn’t be a problem no? 😉
After moving things around, our stuff, and particularly my pile of unfinished projects, had to diminish for them to fit somewhere in the room.

So it’s not the time for resolution yet, and in any case I don’t usually make them, but I figured a little sorting month was in order. Crazy idea with the holidays coming up? Why, yes, crazy ideas is my middle name…

My goal for this month is to declutter my knitting and sewing space by finishing all those projects started so long ago. The up side is that whatever gets finished but I don’t quite like as much as planned will be gifted. A good way to combine tiding and gift making. Score: me 1, crazy idea 0! 🙂

My rule for the month: it either gets finished or frogged. A bit harsh but I hope it’ll be an effective way to get it done quickly.

Getting Things Done - Shawl done

I’m happy to say that the first project to be completed was a shawl I started on the honeymoon!
It’s a pattern for the book New Vintage Lace using Malabrigo yarn. Supposed to be a « quick-and-easy » project, it definitely was the latter but not a very fast one. Stupidly enough, I stopped working on it with just the crochet bind-off to do (it required a little thinking and counting and couldn’t be done in the evening when tired…)
In just under a hour, the bind off was done and it now awaits blocking.

One down, a thousand to go! 😉

Getting Things Done - Magmatic

Now this week, it’s the MClub last pattern, Magmatic, that will hopefully get done. I’ve put it back on the needles and just need a few evenings to complete it. It’ll certainly get gifted but I don’t quite know to whom yet… Volunteers let yourselves be known! 😉

Are you also hoping to get some things done before the new year? I started a discussion (shall we dare call it a support group? 😉 on the Stitch-N-Smile Ravelry group to help us all share our goals and accomplishments.
Lets finish these projects together!