Let’s face it, until June 2016 things are going to be hectic. Even with the best organisation skills in the world, when juggling too many balls simultaneously a few are bound to be dropped. I knew this when the admission form for fashion school was sent but still, it pains me not being able to write more often on here.

But on the bright side I had a little feline help while working from home! 🙂

Fashion design - 2

I’ve also been missing out on a lot of sewoshpere action and it’s sad to think of all the great projects, tips and new makes I haven’t seen or read about due to lack of time. I truly miss being apart of all this, but for the time being it has to be that way. Rest assured that the moment there’s some free time (like today! Yay!), I’ll be keeping you all up to date!

Fashion design - 1

At the moment, there’s several different projects going on. One of the most time consuming one is a “wearable object” we have to create from a geometrical form.
In the latest post, there was some pictures of the first “toile” and experiment made. It has slowly evolved since then and the final prototype is nearly ready to be stitched together.
The creative process is one of the strangest there is. One morning you wake up feeling happy and confident your ideas are great and worth pursuing, then the next you want to throw it all away so that nobody can ever see the mess you’ve created. I must say it’s been a very frustrating journey going through all of these phases and I can’t wait to finish it and get on with something else.

Fashion design - 6

On a more happier note, my very first catwalk will be happening soon! It’s a very exciting project the school has coming and I was so honoured to have some of my sketches being chosen for it.
If you follow Stitch-N-Smile on Instagram, you have already got a peek at the whole process and maybe even caught a glimpse of the drawings.

Fashion design - 3

This will be a totally new adventure and I can’t wait to begin really making what was chosen. It’ll certainly be a challenge to make these designs come to life but it’ll be worth it once they’ll be worn for real.

Fashion design - 4

The theme of the catwalk is hippie chic and the pictures here are the style boards and work I presented. In the end, I was totally overwhelmed to have three of them chosen, now let’s get the sewing machine working! 🙂
Interestingly, I started fashion school to learn pattern drafting and create more sewn garments. However, most of the techniques I was drawn too were crochet and knitting experiments! It’s funny how the mind works, but you can’t go against it so knitting it’ll be!

Fashion design - 5

That’s it for today! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all these new experiments. Don’t hesitate to comment and give your opinion about these projects. Help and feedback is always appreciated! 🙂