Digital patterns are great! Most of the time they are cheaper and the very cool thing is that you can pretty much buy them at anytime of day or night! Great for midnight pattern cravings! 😉

Digital patterns

After having been printed, assembled and used, a normal (and slightly obsessed with tidying) person will be looking for a way to store it.
That’s when it starts to get messy.
Contrary to store bought one which are neatly folded into a paper folder, printed-at-home ones are not.
So how can you store them efficiently?

What I do is I fold them and store them in a A4 plastic sleeves. Let me show you how!


Take one of your pattern piece. First you’ll have to make sure everything is well taped together, it’ll be easier to fold it if it’s all in one sturdy piece.
Then take a A4 card paper. Cut it slightly smaller than the A4 size, 5mm (1/4¨) less approximately. You have now made a A4 template that you can use to fold the pattern with.

Cutting paper

Place the card paper in the middle of the pattern piece and use it to fold it. Repeat with every pieces.

Place on pattern

Pattern folding

Folded pattern

Now you can easily and mess-free store it in a A4 plastic sleeves. With a permanent marker you can even write the pattern information on the plastic. Or you could print it and tape it on.

In plastic sheet


Now I’m curious and always eager to improve my system, how do you store your digital patterns? Leave a comment below to share your ideas!