Have you ever been frustrated with an armhole because it had ugly steps in between the bind off rows? Then read on, this How-to is for you! 🙂

How-To: Beautiful Armhole Bind-off

This very simple techniques can be used for any armhole and gives the prettiest result!

Want to learn it? 🙂

When you reach the armhole, do the first bind off normally. If you’re not sure how to do it, have a look at this simple step-by-step instruction.

How To - beautiful armhole bind off1

Work the rest of the row, turn your work and do your bind off normally on the other side.

That when it gets interesting! 🙂

Now knit/purl until you reach the last stitch. Do not knit it!

How To - beautiful armhole bind off5

Turn your work as if you had finished the row. Then slip the first stitch from your left needle to your right one, knit wise.

How To - beautiful armhole bind off2

Go into the left over stitch from the previous row and pass it over the slipped stitch.

How To - beautiful armhole bind off3

How To - beautiful armhole bind off4

You have bound off one stitch! Now continue knitting/binding off normally depending on your pattern.

Easy, right? And the result is amazing. All you have to remember is to turn your work one row before your bind off, when you just have one stitch left.

See for yourself, this is what the traditional armhole looks like. Notice the step between the two rows where the bind offs are?

How To - beautiful armhole bind off7

This is what you’ll get with this new method. A clean, neat finish.

How To - beautiful armhole bind off6

Pretty, huh?

Give it a try next time you’re knitting a sweater, especially if it’s a sleeveless version. You won’t be sorry!

Hope you liked this neat technique, see you next week for another How-To! In the mean time, why not get inspired for Spring with our latest Inspiration post? 🙂