Today, I’m sharing a few easy tips to help you achieve better results with your next sewing project!


Here we go, ready to improve your sewing? 🙂

How-To become a better seamstress1

Don’t underestimate the power of a good press!

When I was younger, I used to sew everything without ever pressing. This was partly due to the fact that the iron and ironing board  was my Mum’s “tools” and because I thought it just was a waste of time. Let me tell you, spending hours making something to find out it looks terrible and screams homemade is very annoying. 🙁

Pressing is one of the magic things you can do that really changes the final outcome of your project. (Just like blocking will greatly improve your lace knits!) Your garment will look neater and if pressing seam allowances before sewing, it’ll help you a lot when sewing difficult curves or hems. Well worth the effort and time of getting the iron out!

And nothing stops you from pressing your seams open in batches or finding a small portable iron board that will be easier to set up if you’re concerned with time. Find what’s best for you, but don’t skip the pressing part! 🙂

How-To become a better seamstress2

Test the pattern, fit and new techniques on a muslin.

Here again this may seem a little counterintuitive, but making a muslin is really a time saver. When starting a new project, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Whether the fit ends up not right, you’ve just realised this new technique requires a lot more precision than you thought or you’ve cut your fabric and the size is too small. Sounds familiar?

Making a muslin with cheap fabric is a great and easy way to address these issues. By first making a fast mock up of your pattern, you can check and adjust the fit, learn and perfect new techniques and even make style adjustments.

And when you’re finally ready to cut and sew your definite pattern, the pressure is off, you know what you’re doing! 😉

How-To become a better seamstress3

Get perfect seam allowances with the help of washi tape!

This is a simple trick, but it really helps with the consistency of the seams, aka the final fit. Just mark your seam allowance on your machine with wash tape and use it as a visual guide when sewing. It’s helpful and it does look really cute, that can never be a bad thing! 😉

How-To become a better seamstress6

Remember to take advantage of your needle position when sewing!

When top stitching, sometimes it’s hard to achieve a evenly spaced stitch line. Use your machine’s fonction to your advantage and shift the needle’s position for greater accuracy. For exemple you can position your needle at 2 mm from the middle of your sewing foot and use the center guide to stay in line with the fabric edge. That way you’ll get lovely top stitching every time! The needle down position can also be a fantastic help when maneuvering difficult curves.

How-To become a better seamstress5

Clip and notch for better curves.

Your curves look a bit wonky? Did you try clipping them?
Fabric is a very giving medium and can be bent to do a lot of things. But it often needs a little bit of help. Let’s say you’ve just sewn an armhole, the fabric will want to curve with the seam, but it needs a little bit more space to do so. By clipping the seam allowance, you’ll give it the space it wants to follow the curve and stay flat. This fast little trick really helps with the finished look of a garment and takes no time at all!

How-To become a better seamstress4

Stay happy and calm by hydrating yourself! 🙂

Sewing can be a fabulous and empowering hobby! But sometimes things don’t go the way we planned and that can be frustrating. Just remember to take your time and enjoy the process. When things go wrong, take a deep breath and a sip of water/tea/wine, then try again. And when needed take a break away from your machine, you’ll get much better result if you’re calm and relaxed when sewing!

Hope these little tricks will help you become a better and more confident seamstress! Don’t hesitate to share in the comments any other tips you have, I’m always eager to learn new things