Last week’s How-To was all about making the perfect buttonholes. Now that you’re all experts, we’ll talk about how to plan and mark their placement, so that you end up with perfectly and evenly spaced buttons and buttonholes.


This technique is very useful if you’re designing your own pattern and want to figure out where to place your buttons.
And because it’s not always possible to find the perfect button for your project that’s the recommended size, knowing how to space them on your own will allow you the freedom to change their place, size and number to something that fit your needs!

What’s not to like? Let’s learn how to space these buttons easily!

First you take your pattern or garment you want to sew buttonholes unto.
Grab also a paper band the length of your button placket. Note that the width doesn’t matter but you want the length to be accurate, it’ll be easier.

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 6

Align the band next to your garment and record where your bust is. If you’re not quite sure where you should put a mark, find the place between your nipples, it should be the widest part of your bust. This is where the first button will be! That way, no more gaping shirts that show the whole world your bra. You’re literally covered! 😉

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 7

Next decide where you want your top button to be. In this example, mine is 2.5 cm/ 1″ from the edge.

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 5

Fold the paper band aligning the two marks together. This fold represents your third button’s place.
Of course, if you decide that the first two buttons are already too close, skip this step and continue directly with the next one.

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 4

You have now figured out the space between each buttons.
Fold the rest of the band using this interval as a guide to find out the rest of the buttons’ place.

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 3

When unfolding the band and aligning it again next to your pattern/garment, each mark or fold represents a button/buttonhole. Now is the time to mark this unto your fabric.
To do so, use an awl punch (a big needle works great too!) and pierce a hole in the paper band taking care to be accurate.

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 2

When you’re ready to mark your buttonholes, place the paper band on your fabric and with a fabric pencil, make a dot directly into the hole.

How-To Thursday- Button Placement - 1

Your buttonholes are evenly spaced, now trace the length aligning it to the center of your placket. (Your buttonhole length depends on the button, the easiest way to figure it out is to do a test like we did in last week’s How-to.)

When all your buttonholes are sewn and opened, you can easily mark and sew your buttons.
That’s it, you’ve just created a beautiful interest to your garment by adding perfectly spaced buttons!
Sew easy, don’t you think! 😉