Today, we are looking into the fabulous world of crochet edgings. 🙂

How-To - crochet border

Even if it’s not a craft you’re familiar with, this border is very easy and uses only basic crochet skills. I’m sure you’ll quickly master this technique and from now on, you’ll be able to instantly add interest to any edge (and maybe find a new passion for crochet…)! 😉

Let’s start!

To make a chain stitch crochet edge, you’ll (obviously…) need a crochet hook. The size will depend on the yarn you are using and what’s comfortable for you. I tend to choose a size similar to the needles I’ve been knitting with and test it for a few inches. If it doesn’t feel right (yarn is too big to catch with tiny crochet or crochet is way too big for it), I change it and start over.

I know you’re all eager to start but I just need to add a little something before we do. This edging can be worked as a bind off on live stitches or as a border on a finished edge. This How-To is about the latter and was specially made to help knitters with my Myrtille pattern. It’s worked on an edge formed by slipped stitches.

You’ll start by inserting the hook under both strands of the first slipped stitch from the edge.

How-To Thursday - crochet border 1

Then catch your working yarn with the crochet and bring it through both strands.

How-To Thursday - crochet border 2

Now, repeat this same step but this time, the yarn goes through the loop on the crochet. You have made your first chain stitch!

How-To Thursday - crochet border 3

How-To Thursday - crochet border 4

Continue in this manner, working your needed number of chain stitches. Note that the more chain stitch you do, the longer your final crochet chain loops will be.

When you’ve reached your desired number of chain stitch, you’ll insert the hook into another slipped stitch from the border. In order to have evenly spaced loops, skip the first slipped stitch from the chain and insert the crochet into the second one.

How-To Thursday - crochet border 5

Catch the yarn once more and pull it through the slipped stitch and then through the loop on the crochet.

How-To Thursday - crochet border 6

Your chain loop is now anchored and you can start making chain stitches again to create the next loop!

How-To Thursday - crochet border 7

That’s it! Hope you liked it and that you’ll have fun adding crochet borders to you future knitting projects!

See you next Thursday for a new technique!