Welcome to the first (official) How-To Thursday!

Official because this series had an unofficial start earlier this week with the start of Myrtille’s KAL. But now it’s the real deal! 😉

How-To: Increases - M1R/M1L1

So let’s talk about increases.

Right after learning the basic of knitting, I’m sure the adventurous you wanted more! Increases open a whole lot of new perpectives with the happy result of not having to only make squares any more!

There’s a lot of different methods to grow the number of stitches on your needles, but the most invisible and neat ones are the “make one right” and “make one left” also known as M1R or M1L. That’s easy to remember, as one seems to lean more to the right, the other to the left. 😉

Here’s how it’s done.

To M1R, you’ll first need to reach the place of the increase. When you are, your goal will be to locate the strand between your needles.

How-To M1R:M1L 01

Then, for the M1R, use your left needle to go into it from the BACK.

A good trick to remember this would be to think about the phrase: “I’ll be right back!”

How-To M1R:M1L 02

You are now ready to knit this “new stitch”.

To avoid making holes, you’ll have to knit it from the front. I have to admit it takes a few tries at first but once you found how to insert your needle, it’s very fast and easy.

How-To M1R:M1L 03

Don’t be tempted though to go the easy way and knit it from the back. While also making a new stitch, this will create a hole. Knitting from the front, maybe tricky at first, will however twist the stitch insuring that it stays tight.

See how the stitch is neat and tight? That’s what you want!

How-To M1R:M1L 04

The M1L is not very surprisingly the exact opposite.

First locate the strand between your needles.

How-To M1R:M1L 05

Then with the left needle, go into it from the FRONT.

How-To M1R:M1L 06

This time, to knit and twist it, work it from the back. Again a bit tricky but worth it!

How-To M1R:M1L 07

That’s it, you now know how to simply and invisibly increase! Piece of cake, right? 🙂

I hope you liked this technique and I look forward to see you next Thursday for a new How-To!