The Wardrobe Architect Challenge had us clean out our closet last month. While a majority of clothes got donated to charity, I plan to transform some into new stuff.

And what could be more fun than recycling your old t-shirts into yarn? Maybe it’s not a good idea to bring any more yarn in my home, but who can resist a good recycle project? Not me, I’ll tell you! 😉

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Time to make some yarn! Yay!


Start by making sure the t-shirt you choose hasn’t got any side seams. Trust me, it’s frustrating doing all the process to find out the seam parts don’t roll into yarn like the rest of the fabric.

For this project, we’ll only use the fabric between the bottom hem and the armpit. So you can use any garment that hasn’t got a print or decoration on this part. And remember, the bigger the t-shirt, the more yarn you’ll make! 🙂

Once you have the perfect t-shirt, fold it in half lengthwise, making sure the top edge is about 1 cm (about 3/8″) below the other.

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 08

Then, using a quilting ruler and a rotary cutter, remove the bottom hem. Of course, it’s entirely possible to use fabric scissors instead but cutting with the cutter will give neater results.

How- To make T-shirt Yarn 06

If you have a gridded cutting mat, align the cut edge with it. This will help you making consistant strips. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! It’s also possible to measure the width by hand.

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 07

Now it’s time to cut your fabric! But watch out, don’t cut it off entirely! You want to cut just past the top layer’s edge. Don’t cut the bottom one, otherwise you won’t end up with a continuous strip of fabric.

Here, I’ve made 2.5 cm ( 1″) wide strips using the grid on the mat. You can also choose to make wider or thinner strips. Again, the smaller the strips, the more yarn you’ll get out of your t-shirt.

Continue in this manner until you reach the beginning of the sleeves. There you can cut across.

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 09

Now unfold the t-shirt. You should end up with just one side still connected to loops of fabric. Find your fabric scissors and start cutting the strips appart, that’s when the magic starts! 😉

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 11

First cut in diagonal from the edge to the first cut.

HowTo make T-shirt Yarn01

Then cut in diagonal from one cut to the opposite one above it. Do this until you’ve cut all the loops.

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 02

You now have a very long, continuous strip of fabric.

How- To make T-shirt Yarn 03

To form the yarn, just stretch it out. The fabric will roll itself into yarn. So fun to do! 🙂

How- To make T-shirt Yarn 04

Of course, Joey always wants to help when there’s yarn involved! 😉

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 05

That’s it! Admire your new yarn, you did a great job!

My plan for this red yarn is to pair it with a lovely fantasy cotton I already had. It should become a bathroom mat for our home! Stay tuned for pictures…

How-To make T-shirt Yarn 10

Did you give this How-To a try? I would love to hear from you if you did!

Now, the one question remaining is to find out what it’s going to become! 😉