With the warm weather already here, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear a stylish Kimono Jacket. Very versatile and so quick and easy to make, I’ve been wearing the ones I’ve recently finished a lot. Easy to pack, it will also serve beautifully as a beach cover up on your next holidays.

So why not sew one for yourself this week-end?


To get the best out of this style, be careful to select a light weight fabric with a lot of drape. And if it’s not something that’s already in your stash, don’t be afraid to cut into an old summer scarf. That’s what I did with the latest model I’ve made and it turned out great! 🙂

To help me visualize the steps required in making this kind of garment, I’ve sketched a basic How-To. If you want to easily and quickly create one for yourself, here’s the method I’ve used:



As these are pictures taken directly from my sketch book, the text can be hard to read. So here’re close-ups of the steps you’ll need to make your own Kimono.

First you want to find the fabric and cut simple rectangular panels out of it. To determine the measurements you’ll need, follow these guidelines. Of course, you can easily change them to fit your style and needs.


You’re then going to cut the sides and shape the armhole. To do so, put all your pieces on top of each other as shown and cut them together.


Next, hem the front and prepare yourself to assemble the pieces together. If you want to check the fit, baste the side seams and shoulder seam before serging them permanently.


The only thing left is to hem the armholes and the bottom of your Kimono.


Et voilà, you have a gorgeous new handmade item for your wardrobe! Well done!

You can now enjoy long and lazy days at the beach with style! 🙂

Let me know how your Kimono went, I’m looking forward to see your creations.