When sewing for your summer wardrobe, there’s always one design feature that keeps popping up: straps.

They are everywhere: on swimsuits, dresses, you name it!
Don’t get me wrong, they are the cutest thing but more often than not, I find myself dreading their making because they can be so fiddly. Particularly the moment you have to turn them right side up! Because who wants to battle with a small and long piece of fabric for hours just to end up with a lumpy strap? And it so happens, life is always like this: the more tiny the strap, the hardest it is to turn but the cutest the result. Bummer!
Yes, gadgets exists that supposedly makes it easier for you to turn them. But in true Swiss fashion, no shops offer these miracles around here. So I decided to take matters in my own DIY hands and found a great and simple solution that works every time!


No special material needed just what you can find in your sewing box.

Intrigued? Let me show you…

To easily create the best straps ever, you want to have on hand your fabric and a piece a cotton thread or cording a size smaller than your finished strap width.

Start by cutting your fabric into a rectangle. Remember that the smaller the strap, the smaller the seam allowance, in fact, your seam allowance shouldn’t be wider than the finished width of the strap, otherwise you won’t get a flat lying result.

But in order to effortlessly sew your strap, think about reducing the seam allowance after you’ve sewn it. That way, it’ll be more manageable when on the machine.

Fold and press your rectangle in half, right sides together but don’t sew just yet.

Making straps - 1

The trick to a hassle-free strap is to place the cord into the fabric BEFORE sewing it closed. I promise you’ll not regret doing this, this is where the magic begins… Also, make sure that you have enough length so that it sticks out on both ends.

Making straps - 2

I tend to use big decorative threads, the ones you would use to make pipping or button hoops. A smooth cord is also a great choice as it will glide easily inside the tunnel.

Making straps - 3

Now sew like you normally would taking extra care not to catch the cord.
Note that if you’re using a larger seam allowance, you would reduce it just after sewing it.

Making straps - 4

Next you’ll want to secure one end of the cord to the edge of your fabric. To do so, sew a back and forth row of stitching close to the edge.

Making straps - 5

Ready to turn this baby without any problems? All you have to do is pull on the thread’s end that isn’t secured to your straps and let it do all the hard work for you.

Making straps - 6

You’ll be amazed how easy it’s to do. Now there’s absolutely no need to fear sewing straps, you can make a whole bunch in minutes with this technique!

Making straps - 7

Making straps - 8

When it’s all turned right side up, simply cut the cord to remove it.

Making straps - 9

If you want to give it an extra nice finishing touch, press it well and top stitch it along the edge. In case you’re a bit on the fence about accurately doing this, I’ve created a How-To to help you with this task, don’t hesitate to check it out!
And with that, you’re sure to give your handmade garments the professional look it deserves!

Neat trick, huh? I just love how easy and simple it is!
Strapy summer dresses here we come! 🙂