This post is all about little tips and tricks to help you organise and store your fabric stash. There’s even a neat way of easily folding your fabric that you just have to try!

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to better organise my sewing room and supplies. Once in a while I get this urge to declutter and make the most out of what I already own and now is this time.
However motivated I can be, taming the fabric stash is always daunting. Usually I end up just folding them the best I can and putting them back in the box. And without a fault, a few projects later, everything is in a mess again. Does this keep happening to you too?
I’ve decided that this would change and that I had to find a better system for folding and storing my stash.
So today, I’ll be showing you my new and improved method to keep everything neatly stored! 🙂

Organising your fabric stash

Ready? Let’s put some order into the sewing room!

Where to store?

To protect your fabric from dust, light or even small furry and purring animals (yes, cats I’m looking at you!), in my opinion, the best way to store fabric is in boxes.

Organise your fabric by storing them into boxes

I also find that a room looks a lot less messy if all of your textile possessions are safety stored away from public view.

But this method doesn’t prevent you from displaying some of your most favourite acquisitions if it’s something you like to do. As long as the system works for you, you’ll be alright!

How to store?

We’ve found the storing place, what we need now is a way to easily fold the fabric so it fits perfectly into the boxes. Before, I used to randomly fold my stash just so it went into the box. Unsurprisingly, I was always left with a mess of fabric with uneven ends unfolding all over the place and I ended stuffing everything back in. Not a great solution…
But now, I have the perfect technique, let me show it to you.
Take your intended box and put it on a table. Pull out some masking tape and tape it all around the box. When you remove the box, you’ll be left with a perfect template of the size of your box directly on the table.


All you have to do is use this template to fold your fabric, easy right?

That way you know every piece of fabric you have will fit perfectly into the storing space. And when you’re looking for something, it’ll be easier to get things out if they’re all neatly folded and have the same size.

If folding isn’t for you, nothing stops you from using the box template to roll fabric just like Lladybird does, which should help prevent wrinkles from forming.
On a side note, I also decided to separate the stash into different categorie boxes such as weave, stretch, special (lace, fleece etc..). However this isn’t at all a hint on the size of said stash. It was merrily a simple way to find more quickly what I needed. (She says trying to look convincing… 😉 )
And I’ve also separated small pieces of fabrics and scraps from the textile with enough yardage to make garments.

How to keep track of everything?

While going through your stash, take a moment to record all your possessions. Whether you prefer a techie approach and create a spreadsheet with pictures or if you’re more old school and prefer good old paper tags, as long as it feels easy to do, the choice is totally up to you. The goal here is to find a system that works for your needs and that you won’t have any problem updating once you start using your precious collection.


Personally, I chose the tag option. I found some pre made ones to download on the Colette blog, printed them on some nice paper and voilà! A stack of tags easily ready to record the stash.
Don’t forget to note in which box the fabric is stored. Use numbers or name for your boxes (or if part of your fabrics are on display, mark that too) so you can quickly find it when you need them.

Now what?

Ok so you’ve found a decent spot to store your stash and everything is neatly folded and recorded some way, now what?
Well, if you want to start a new project, start by browsing through your tags. Either you have a specific pattern and mind and you can immediately know if you have enough to make it work. Or you simply get inspired by a fabric you already own to find a pattern that will make the most out of it.
No more crazily rummaging through your stash to find the perfect candidate for a project. Yay!
No more fabric angrily stuffed into boxes. Yay!
Nothing but an easy to use, nice looking stash. Yay!

After all this effort, ask your furry friend to give you a purring hug (and maybe eat some chocolate too!), you totally deserve it! 😉