Want to add a border to your latest knit but you’ve already bound off your stitches?

Try picking up stitches to create gorgeous borders and button bands! It’s so easy to do and still gives a very nice finish to any project.

How-To: Picking-up-stitches

Let’s learn it together!

Let me start by saying that it’s easier to pick up stitches on an neat edge. If you can have either a clean bind-off or a slipped stitch edge, it would be great!

If a nice edge is not an option, don’t worry. The technique is the same, just make sure you consistently insert you needle into the same spot each time.

How To - picking up stitches1

Ok, let’s pick up stitches! 🙂

Using the tip of your needle, go into the back leg of your first edge stitch.

How To - picking up stitches2

Take your new yarn and bring it through the stitch.

How To - picking up stitches3

Repeat into the next one. Going into the back leg.

How To - picking up stitches4

And bringing the yarn through.

How To - picking up stitches5

Now you can also go into the front leg or even both legs of the edge. In this next picture I’ve picked up stitches into the back leg at first and then switched it to the front leg. See the difference?

How To - picking up stitches6

Neither option is best, it’s just an esthetically and personal preference. So unless, it’s specified in the pattern, you’re free to choose the method you like best!

Now you can use these new stitches to create stunning borders for your knits. Have fun!

I’m sure you’re now craving for some knitting time! Have a look at my pattern page, I’ll be happy to enable you! 😉