Today, the How-To Thursday is all about the provisional crochet cast on.

How-To: Provisionnal Cast on title

This easy technique will make you start your knitting with a crochet chain. This will allow you to later undo do this cast on and have live stitches to work with. Very, very useful!

To try it, all you need is some smooth scarp yarn (coton thread of a weight similar to your working yarn is perfect) and a crochet hook.

Start by making a slip knot which you’ll put on your hook.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On01

Then catch the coton thread with the hook and pull it through the loop on the crochet. This will form the first chain stitch.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On02

Continue in this manner until you reach the number of stitches you have to cast on, then make 5 or 6 extra chain stitches.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On03

Finish your crochet chain by cutting your thread and pull it through the last loop.

A crochet chain can be a pain to unravel if you try to do it from the wrong side. So to remember where’s the end tail, tie a knot after finishing your chain.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On04

Now the fun part begins! We are going to use our project yarn! 🙂

Look behind your chain, you’ll see a “bar” crossing each stitch. This is where you’ll want to put your needle. And to make life easier for you, I highly recommend that you don’t start directly with the first chain stitch and use the extra stitches as wiggle room.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On05

Using your needle (or fingers, no one will know! ;-)) catch your project yarn and make it go into the bar from the chain. You’ve just provisionally casted on one stitch!

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On06

Repeat this to cast on until you reach your needed number of stitches.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On07

And admire your work! 🙂

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On08

Now the cast on is done and you can start knitting your project like you would normally do.

HowTo Provisionnal Cast On09

And when you need those stitches back on the needle, you’ll find the end with the knot and unzip the cast on.

How-To Provisionnal Cast On10

That’s it!

Hope you liked it and don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s a special technique you’ll like featured in this How-To Thursday series.