The ultimate handmade wardrobe is taking shape which means a lot of sewing happened lately! And it’s been so much fun! 🙂

While at my sewing machine the other day, I’ve realized that like many of you, all my knowledge about this craft has been acquired reading books and browsing the Internet. So even though I can whip up a dress or a jacket pretty easily, there’s still some things that remain a mystery.


That’s how this brand new feature for the How-To Thursday was created! Because we all have a few attachments that came with our machine but in my case, I rarely use them because I’m not quite sure about how and when to use them.

So I declare myself on a mission to uncover the mysteries behind every sewing machine feet that I own! Want to join me? 🙂

And today we’ll start with the basics, the standard presser foot!

Standard presser foot - Learn how to use it on

You’re probably thinking: “why talk about the standard presser foot? It’s the most boring yet useful sewing feet there is and everyone knows how to use it.”

Well, besides being used for pretty much all general sewing, this foot has a very neat and often unknown function for sewing thick fabrics. Let me show you!

Let’s say you need to sew over a very thick layer of fabric like when topstitching my Jacqueline Hoodie. (pattern was just released yesterday, can you spot my hoodie on the Itch to Stitch blog? Check back here on Monday for more details and pictures! 🙂 )

How-to - Standard presser foot2

You want to start by sewing normally until you reach the thick part.

How-to - Standard presser foot3

Then, when the front of your sewing feet starts to rise due to the thick area, stop and put the needle down.

How-to - Standard presser foot4

How-to - Standard presser foot5

Now comes the cool part! Raise the presser foot and push on the black button that’s on the back of the foot.

How-to - Standard presser foot6

Hold the black button and lower the presser foot. Like magic it’ll stay leveled over the thick area, making sewing over it a breeze! 🙂

How-to - Standard presser foot7

You can now continue sewing without worry, the button will release itself automatically when you reach a normal thickness again.

How-to - Standard presser foot8

See the result, pretty cool no?

How-to - Standard presser foot9

Did you know about this mystery button? I’ve learned it from the nice Ladies at my local sewing shop, such a useful trick to have in your bag, especially when sewing thick fabric.

I’m already planning to start sewing jeans this week-end and without a doubt, this foot and its leveled button will be a tremendous help.

See you on Monday for my Jacqueline Hoodie recap! 🙂