I’m back!

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Let’s try and pretend it hasn’t been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. 🙁
The end of 2013 was crazy and I have to admit I was a little lazy about writting as I have a lot of projects in the making!
But since I was so busy, the upside is that I have tons to share with you in the upcoming weeks!

So what have I been up too? Quite a few things actually.

First of all, I’m a member of the M club, the Mystery Knit ALong club by Laura Nelkin.
The last clue of Magpie is out and sadly I only had time to knit the first one!
But I have enjoyed watching everyone’s progress and seeing this beautiful design unwrap. I’m hopeful about having a little time this week to knit! Fingers crossed!

Magpie MKAL

With luck (and time!), I’ll be able to keep you posted on my progress on finishing Magpie and Magnify, the second MKAL of the club.

One of my new goals this year has been with spinning. Being a knitted and fiber lover, this isn’t very surprising and that was always something I considered learning. But if I hadn’t found a beautiful and antique spinning wheel at a flee market, I doubt I would ever had the courage to try.

The flyer
This one is so beautiful, it begs to be used. Big problem, I don’t know how, so expect a few post (and maybe cry for help?) about my adventures in spinning.

And last but certainly not least, the HUGE project of 2014 is my wedding dress!
Yes, you read it correctly, I’m getting married this summer and my crazy time counsuming and totally fabulous project is to design and make my own very special dress.

Wedding dress

I’m hoping to be able to live to my expectations and I have to admit I’m quite scared of making a mess and ending with, well, nothing…
Trying not to think too much about it though.
Without spoiling the surprise, I’m excited to tell you all about my first muslins and fabric choices in the next blog posts.

Well that’s it for now. I can’t wait to see where all of these new projects will lead me and I’m really excited to share it all with you all.