It’s time, it’s time! 🙂
Juego‘s first clue was finally released on Friday morning (Switzerland time zone!) and I couldn’t wait to have time in the evening to start it!
I was glad and quite relieved that everything went very smoothly but I had a lot of practice with the thousand times I started over Trapeze, Laura Neklin last MKAL (Mystery Knit ALong)!
Even though she’s a beginner my Mum managed to do hers without too much difficulty! I’m so proud of her!


What I feel made the start easier is to use a long circular needle and the magic loop method. I know for a fact that even if my life depended on it, I can’t knit with double pointed needles, it’s sad but true. The set up isn’t difficult but you just have to remember to place your markers!

In case they are others strugguling with this, I thought I’ll try to explain the process.

Here’s how:

Cast on 8 stitches using the circular cast on method. (The video Laura made is excellent!)
Slide your stitches to the other end of the circular needle. Your working yarn should be on your left side.

Slide your stitches

Start to knit following the pattern instruction for the first double pointed needle then place a marker. Remember to knit from your working yarn!

Knit first "needle"

Repeat for second needle and place a new marker.

Knit second "needle"

You’re now going to start the magic loop and in order to do so, pull your working needle out of the stitches (don’t worry they will stay on the cable of your circular needle!) and knit following the instruction of the third needle then place a marker.

Pull needle out

Knit the third and forth "needle"

Repeat for the forth needle and put a different colour marker so you know you have reached the beginning of a new round.

Finishing the round

Now you’re going to start your pattern’s first round by rotating your work so the needle closer to you has the last worked stitches and the coloured marker on.

Rotate your work

Then place the unworked stitches from the cable back on the needle by pulling the needle through them. They are now ready to be knit

Crafts - 389

Pull out the needle closer to you, leaving the stitches on the cable and the needle free to work the next round.

Pull the needle out

After reaching the end of the first and second “needle” rotate your work, place the stitches back on the needle and pull out the needle closer to you. Pass the marker and knit the third and forth “needle”, completing round one.
Continue in this manner for the magic loop method! Remember: rotate, put stitches back on the needle, pull out other needle, pass marker and knit!

Hope it helps! Let me know if you have questions, remarkes or if you have an other method to do this!

I’m not really used to technical terms, I hope my English is clear enough. If you notice something’s not right, don’t hesitate to tell me. 🙂

  • Cass

    Your photo-technique illustrations are spot on.
    silly question here. how do you simultaneously knit and hold a camera to photograph your work?

    • Coralie

      Thanks, glad you liked it!
      Not a silly question at all, I have often wondered the same thing! The secret: having a super nice boyfriend who is willing to help. (bribe involved!) 😉

  • Mum

    Love your explication about the magic loop cast on for Juego. The photos are very clear and helpful and I have to admit that I was rather worried about doing the Juego cast on with the DPN’s so thanks a million for showing me how to do it with the magic loop. Well done. I’m sure it will help others too. Looking forward to next Friday for the next clue!

    • Coralie

      Thanks! 🙂
      So happy the magic loop was the solution for you!

  • Margaret

    Wish I had waited for these instructions. I tried to use the magic loop but couldn’t figure these starting stitches. I ended up using smaller dpn’s and after getting started, switched to the size 7 needles. I’ll save your instructions. Very helpful, and your pictures are perfect. To write instructions is very hard. Thanks

    • Coralie

      Thanks, I’m glad it was helpful. I remember how hard it was to figure it out so I’m happy if it can help others!

  • Linnea

    Thank you, printing off and using for the next time I Juego! Excellent instruction on the magic loop method for this project. I knew there had to be a way to do it way easier than what I had in mind. Isn’t the internet a wonderfully helpful place?!

    • Coralie

      It is really a wonderful helpful place! Happy you found what you needed!

  • Rebecca

    Thanks a million for posting this! I was getting so frustrated trying, and failing, to get started on this project with DPNs. These instructions were just what I needed! Wonderful!