Proud moment alert! The kind that made me do a happy dance in the middle of the sewing room and where you want to scream: “I’ve made it.”

Jamie Jeans - 5
As you would have guessed from this excited introduction, I’m pretty pleased with my new make. Jeans for me where always something scary to sew, something only professionals using industrial machinery could achieve. Well, turns out, my little Elna is brave enough for the challenge. She sewed through multiple of jeans layers without complaining once. I’m so proud of her! 🙂

Jamie Jeans - 7

This adventure started in May with Allie from Indiesew‘s idea of doing a Jamie Jeans Sewalong. Having contemplating the idea of doing some trousers for quite some time, this was the perfect opportunity to take a deep breath and dive in with all of you who participated. Knowing you’re not alone in taking up a challenge is a powerful thing and Allie’s great tutorials all along were a huge help too.

All in all, everything went smoothly! 🙂

Jamie Jeans - 6

The fabric is a cotton/elastane blend which has just the amount of stretch to allow a more easy time fitting it. As these are skinny jeans, this extra stretch is a must!
Not wanted to add the extra pressure of straight top stitching (even though I’m slowly becoming better at it), I opted for a black on black top stitching thread.

Jamie Jeans - 2

And in the end, every thing went so well with this pair that I’m thinking about trying a little contraste next time. 🙂

Jamie Jeans - 4

It’s not a secret, for me, sewing your own wardrobe is all about the little things you can add to a garment to makes them extra special. So when I saw the cute pocket detail the creative ladies from Named pattern had created, I knew I found THE one!

However, because I still wanted to be able to easily pair them with my other clothes, I chose a cute fabric but stayed in the same shade as the main fabric. And I just love the result, don’t you? This is definitely something you won’t find in a store!

Jamie Jeans - 3

The most scary (and challenging) part was the zipper fly. It was my first one and I was nervous about it. It was great to find such great help online, and it wasn’t that difficult in the end. Once you understand the basic principle of the technique, doing it becomes quite easy. I still checked a few (maybe more a thousand… 😉 ) times my store bought jeans to make sure what I doing was right. Now I feel proud every time I zip up these jeans, is that weird? 😉

Jamie Jeans - 8

Since I’ve finished them back in May, the weather has been nice and warm here. So I’ve only been able to wear them a few times. But I’m confident that they will become a staple of my handmade wardrobe. The first of many pairs… 🙂

Jamie Jeans - 1

Did you also participate in the Sewalong? Share your experience, I would love to hear it!