Juego: Finally!

By Coralie, in MKAL3 Comments

Yes, I managed to find time to finish it! 🙂


Juego is done and blocked! What an achievement! 🙂

Knitting the reversible cable border was long, very long! But even if I sometimes lost hope of ever finishing this sixteenth pattern repeat, I’m happy I persevered!

Cable border

The I-cord border was a breeze to knit after all the effort it took me to do the cables. This border is really elegant and it’s the perfect finishing for the top of this shawl.

Wearing Juego

I really like the result. In my opinion, the blue and variegated purple of the Malabrigo yarn compliment each other well and the beads add just enough glam to the mix! The shape is lovely, very singular. It’s my first time knitting a shawl of this shape and I have to say I enjoyed it!

Juego's shape

Thanks to Laura Nelkin for this once again great Mystery Knit Along! It was a lot of fun!

And congratulations to all my fellow MKALers for also completing this great project. The Juegos I saw on Ravelry are all simply beautiful!

Now I’m off to wear my new shawl! 😉

  • Emmasher

    SUBERB!!! I think your colors combo is PERFECT !!! Your pictures are very professional!!! Just missing you wearing it!!
    A lovely blog to read!!!

    • Coralie

      Thank you! I’m planning on modeling it but haven’t had time yet!

  • WOW! So beautiful! Congrats on finishing! is it okay with you if I post a pic in my facebook group so others can see it? I’ll of course include a link to your blog :)!