Want to learn a neat new technique? Today’s your lucky day, I’m going to show you how you can, easily and without much material, add beads to your knitting.

So get your sunglasses out, these knits are going to shine! 😉

Knitting with beads, using floss

The easiest method to put beads on your knitting is to place them on a stitch.

First, you have to make sure your beads are of good quality. If you’re not sure they are, I made a post a while ago about testing your beads before using them.

Then, you can use either a very (very) small crochet hook or dental floss. (No, you’re not going crazy, I wrote dental floss!).

Floss and crochet hook

My favorite method is using the dental floss. It’s not very conventional but very effective!

I believe the best is to use Superfloss. I discovered it when I took Laura Nelkin’s class on Craftsy and it’s really perfect for knitting with beads. You’ll see that there’s a part a bit fluffier, a long and normal dental floss like part and a small more rigid part. Use this last one as a “needle” to thread your beads and make a knot on the opposite end. The fluffy part will serve as a buffer, preventing the beads from sliding out of it.


Knot and beads on floss

This is really the huge advantage that the dental floss has over the crochet hook, you can pre-thread your beads! But the method is exactly the same if you want to do it with a hook. You just use it in place of the floss.

Now, let’s put these beads onto your knitting!

Knit until you reach the stitch, you want to put your beads on. Using the “needle” end of the dental floss, insert it into the stitch.

Insert into stitch

Then insert your “needle” back into the bead or beads.

Insert into beads

Take a deep breath and remove the stitch from the needle. (This isn’t dangerous and you won’t lose your stitch, but still, it’s always better to breath when doing this! 😉 )

Remove stitch from needle

Next, you’re going to slid your bead or beads onto the stitch!

Slide beads onto stitch

Then put your stitch back on the needle and knit it as usual.

Replace stitch on needle

That’s it! You did it! 🙂

You can now admire your work and start planning where and on what to place beads!

To give you a couple ideas, this is an exemple of multiple beads placed on a slip stitch.

Beads on slip stitch

And this is when they are placed on a normal stitch in a lace pattern. Nice, huh?

Beads on stitch

I hope you had fun with this tutorial! And if you did, share with us your beautiful creations on Stitch’N’Smile Facebook page!