Lina Jewellery is on Etsy!

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Last Thursday, after months of efforts and work, I took a deep breath and officially opened my Etsy store.

And now I can truly say that the Lina Jewellery is a labour of love.

The idea first came to me a while ago. I needed something that could brighten an outfit without being the usual, seen-it everywhere jewellery.
I wanted to create jewellery that made you, me and our basic, plain clothes feel special without having to invest into brands of  luxury clothing.

Etsy Lina03

Etsy Lina09

Etsy Lina01

On top of that, I wanted something that could go well with my handmade passions. Because knitting a shawl or sewing a dress makes us all feel special, wearing Lina jewellery with them is just the final touch that seals the deal. Plus these Lina are just perfect to hold a shawl in place. And you know how much I like shawls, just saying… 😉

Etsy Lina05

However passionate the reasons, I’ll admit that opening an online shop and putting your own personal creations out there is a bit nerve wracking. It’s so much questions and fears that climax into one small thing. Are people going to like them? Is the photos professional looking enough? Will they sell?

Etsy Lina06

Etsy Lina07

Etsy Lina08

In addition to the new Lina line, you’ll also find my knitting patterns and even knitting tools.

If you want to have a look and see for yourself what it’s all about, click on the image below.

And because you’re all awesome (and you’ve read this post up to this point!) I’m offering a 10% discount on the whole shop until Friday (October 31 2014). Yay!

Just use the code “LetsCelebrateLina” during checkout.

And if you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to share this post, write a comment below, like and share with your friends Stitch’N’Smile’s Instagram or Facebook page or even favourite my shop on Etsy. Lots of options to share the news!

Hope you’ll like it! 🙂