While patiently waiting for the the official, pretty photos of my wedding dress, I thought I could write about it’s construction.

Dress in progress

When reading about Couture sewing and fine wedding dresses, I was amazed to learn that a lot of the work is done by hand. And if I had to give a percentage of hand sewing for my dress, I would say 90% was done by hand! Which is a lot!
At first I was a bit afraid that it wouldn’t be as strong than machine stitching but after learning about waxed thread from Susan Khalje, I was convinced.

So I learned how to make my own (because obviously it’s such a strange thing to buy, no stores had it…).

Wax thread

And I have to say, it does make the thread a lot stronger. I used it for joining the heavy skirt with the bodice and everything stayed in place quite nicely.

It’s very quick to do so if you want to try your hand at it, here’s how to.
Cut a bit of thread, just like you would if you were using it to sew by hand.
Take a piece of beeswax and make the thread pass through it.

Pass thread through wax

Using a iron and a cloth (to protect your ironing table and iron), heat the thread. This will make the wax melt preventing the thread to be too heavily loaded with wax.

Heat thread

And you’re done! See, fast and easy!

Now you can use it as you would a normal thread, knowing that your stitching will be strong and durable. Enjoy!