Hey, there’s a new knit in the house!

Yes, Phi for You the first pattern from the 2015’s MClub is finally off the needles!

MClub-Phi for you4

And just in time for #memademay15! That makes one more handmade item of clothing to wear, goodie! 🙂

I’m very happy with it even though the stripes and color changing didn’t quite work out the way they should have. And yes, a swatch was made, and gauge checked.

Oh well, the Japanese like to celebrate art that isn’t perfect and find that perfection is in the flaws. So let’s say this particular one is of Japanese decent. At least it’s 100% unique! 😉

Stripes aside, as always with a lace shawl, blocking does wonders! This was the state of this knit seconds after getting it off the needles.

MClub-Phi for you1

And here’s the result after a quick wet blocking session. See how it looks all nice and neat, just like magic! 🙂

MClub-Phi for you3

This pattern is a very easy and mindless one. Perfect for some TV knitting time! However, the lace border, while still very straight forward can be so long to knit. Those rows felt like they would never end. Then again, perfect for some TV time.

MClub-Phi for you2

Now the Mystery Knit Along Meta is in the works. The yarn is a beautiful shade of copper green and the beads will only make it even more fabulous.

The first clue is already out and the second is coming out anytime now. So it looks like I’m a little behind already. But not to worry, it’s not a race. And that way, I get to appreciate the process even more rather than having tons of knits started but never finished!

MClub-Phi for you5

And this MKAL even has a new special project bag to go with it! 🙂

Wishing I had more of this fabric, a dress would of been so nice with it…

MClub-Phi for you6

How about you? Are you joining the fun? What’s on your needles now?