New and improved Stitch-N-Smile

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Maybe you’ve noticed that something has changed around here? Well, since yesterday, Stitch-N-Smile has gotten a brand-new look! 🙂


I’ve been blogging for a little over two years now and really felt that it was time to upgrade the style of this space and make it more in tune with the rest of my work. Luckily, my amazing husband happens to be a graphic and web designer and kindly offered to help me improve the blog.
And what a GORGEOUS job he did, don’t you agree?! I can’t thank him enough for all the work and dedication he poured into this, he’s truly the most amazing husband ever!
Let’s have a shout out for him and his work! Woot-Woot! 🙂

New logo

One of the biggest improvement of this new blog is the perfect new logo my husband designed. If you’ve met me recently, you might had a sneak peek of it, as it has been on my new business cards for a few months already!


I’m totally in love with this new image as I think it reflects better my work and esthetics. It’s also a lot more prettier than the one we designed in a hurry just to have something to put on the blog, when I first started sharing with you my passion.

New blog design

Now let’s talk about the blog’s improvements!
As you must have noticed, this new design features bigger images and a brand-new overall look to compliment the different logo. And how cool are those header images, seriously my husband is the best! 🙂



Very sensible to user experience design, he also created a better and smother navigation that will make it easier for you to find posts and wander around. Plus Stitch-N-Smile has also become a lot more mobile friendly, no more getting out the computer to have access to the full website, everything is conveniently and beautifully displayed on your mobile device.


Another big change happening around here is the suppression of the comment function. I’m still not a 100% convinced about it, maybe it’s too soon for me to remove it. But, for the moment, we chose to let the discussions happen on the social platforms where I very often hang out. So don’t worry, I’ll gladly answer questions and impatiently await your feedback on Stitch-N-Smile’s Facebook page, or Instagram.

New How-To page

A really great improvement is the amazing How-To make over. By visiting this page, you get an instant and easy access to all the tutorials I’ve created over the years. The arrangement of this page is just too beautiful for words, I’m so excited to have all of my work displayed so well.


What do you think?

I really hope you like this new and improved version of the blog!

Note that this is a constant work in progress and that even some pages are not 100% finished. We’re hoping to slowly improve and are glad to have your feedback. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you find any bugs or missing images, our ultimate goal is to make this blog the best possible so you’ll enjoy your time here!

I’m so happy with the evolution this little space is taking, thanks for reading me and always be an inspiration for me to do better.
See you soon for some new adventures in the makers world! 🙂