New pattern: Ondée scarf

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Finally! A new knitting pattern is here!

Let me introduce you to Ondée, a classical rectangular scarf knit with a twist!

Ondée scarf - 1

In French, Ondée refers to a rain shower. The one you get caught in on a summer evening after a warm and sunny day.

I have always felt that water can be such a mesmerizing element. Whether it’s ocean waves crashing on a sandy beach or the sound of rain drops on a window, it’s just one of those thing that soothes and relaxes you, just like knitting does. Inspired by this feeling of tranquil meditation, this scarf will bring you warmth and peace of mind the whole way through.

Ondée scarf - 5

The yarn is the beautiful and sooo soft Kaya Yarn Lilly. Dyed by Jana from Kaya Lana, knitting with this yarn is an exquisite experience. Composed of wool, silk and SeaCell, this blend is a joy to work with and it’s supposed to have amazing properties. The SeaCell fiber comes from seaweed and apparently has great effect on your skin. I’ve not worn my scarf enough to confirm this, but in any case, it’s so soft and shiny, I already love it!

Ondée scarf - 2

And just to give you a glimpse of what this scarf would look like in the other amazing colours Jana has in her shop, here’s two beautiful test knits done by Judy and Jana herself.

Test knit Ondée

This pattern is perfect for the advanced beginner that wants to try out lace knitting. With lots of help included and easy to follow instructions, you’ll knit Ondée in a breeze.

Ondée scarf - 3

The thing that makes this pattern special is that while it’s a rectangular scarf, it’s in fact knit in diagonal.

You start by casting on a small number of stitches and increasing them until you reach the final width, creating a small triangle. Then by decreasing and increasing on each sides, you’ll magically create a diagonal lace pattern. So cool!

Ondée scarf - 4

I hope you’ll enjoy knitting this pattern! It’s now available for a week on Ravelry with an introductory price -20%, so grab yours will it lasts!

Download Ondée on Ravelry!

And don’t forget that I love seing what you all do with this scarf! Share your pictures on Ravelry or tag me (@stitchnsmile) so I can see your Ondée on Instagram!