New year, new goals!

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Happy New Year everyone! (insert virtual confettis! 🙂 )

Hard to believe that we are already in 2016! Wishing you a truly magical year, filled with lots of happiness, love, health, creativity and new projects. And may you be blessed by the sewing goddess…

Now, let’s talk about resolutions! With every new year, comes the desire for new goals and fresh starts. However, resolution is not a word I normally cherish. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to improve things and try my best to become a better version of myself. But setting clear goals is not for me this year. Instead, I prefer thinking of guidelines and have a little wriggle room for improvisation.

In any case, what better way to help keeping track of new goals, than to write them down here for all of you to be witness, and hopefully, helping me achieving them?!


After scrolling down the blogroll, I’ve read several inspiring posts about 2016, sewing goals and life changing decisions. Well, in my case, there’s no drastic decisions (they were made last year… 😉 ). But only a simple list of things and state of mind I’m hoping to achieve this year.


The first thing on the agenda is the biggest and most important of all: to finish what was started last year and graduate from fashion school.
So, one thing’s for sure is that 2016 will have two very different parts. There’ll be the January to June part where I’ll be in school working my butt off. And then, there’ll be the rest of the year…
At the moment there’s no written in stone project for this second part of the year. In fact, I’ve been avoiding making specific plans (sewing related) to leave a little improvisation when the time comes. Because right now, my only wish is to sew myself a comfy and warm coat, but there’s a huge possibility that I’ll feel differently about it in June. 😉

Final collection

On a similar subject, my biggest hope for now is to dream and create a great final collection for the diploma. One that I’ll be proud of. And ideally, (because it’s the new year and we’re allowed to dream, right?), one that would help me work in the industry.

At the moment, being at the very start of the project, it feels rather gigantic. What I’ll have to remember is to take it step by step and don’t overthink it. (Futur self, I really hope you’re listening…) Also, trusting my gut feeling would also be a good idea.


And last but certainly not least is another big one: to be more fearless!
Countless times I’ve been told to let go of the fear of doing it wrong and just let my imagination do the work. It’s been a real struggle until now, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to just be confident in yourself and your abilities and just make things happen? It would certainly be a great achievement.
Heather Lou from Closet Case files had a great post on the subject about kicking the fear out of your sewing life! Have a look, it’s a really empowering read. (Best part was the fabric made of unicorn eyelashes, still giggling about it and secretly wishing such a thing existed for real! 🙂 )

So bring it on, 2016! I’m ready for you! 🙂
What are your resolutions? Did you make sewing plans? I would love to hear from you!