#OneWeek100People2017 challenge!

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This week I’m taking a break from the Designing my first collection series to do something a little different!

I’ve said it before, but one of the things I was most happy doing again last year in school was drawing.

This might be a little of topic from my regular sewing, knitting and design blogging, but I thought this topic could be interesting to some so why not give it a try?

(You’ll notice the handmade pencil case in the picture! Sewing is never very far from all my activities… 😉 )

When I was younger and first studying art in school, I used to draw constantly. Having buckets of ideas pouring from my head every second of every day. And usually, I felt frustrated not having the time to actually make them because I had the school assignments to finish first.

However, with passing time, more and more projects started to take shape. And when I got my first degree and started working, drawing got completely left out. It seemed things got turned around for a time and I was focusing my energy on actually making, rather than daydreaming while doodling.

Don’t get me wrong, I was still scribbling and using quick sketches to communicate ideas but I had completely lost the pleasure of imagining something on paper and getting excited to make it for real afterwards. The process became convenient instead of something I was looking forward to do.

But then last year, being back in school, everything changed unexpectedly. I realised that one of the things I’ve missed the most these last years was the pleasure of getting my thoughts on paper. And then, presenting my ideas with lovely sketches which was so rewarding and fun to do.

I’ve learned so much about fashion design and pattern making, but still there was something special about putting pen to paper. Then, I got a new job in an art supplies shop. I was determined to continue on my path to becoming a fashion designer but couldn’t spend my days only sewing clothes anymore.

However, what I could do was continue practicing anatomy and imagining new projects by sketching them. (And buying way too much fountain pens and drawing supplies to help me do so…)

That’s when I decided that during my lunch break at work, I would use the time to improve my drawing skills instead of just watching funny videos on Youtube. Or at least, if I didn’t have the time, I could still learn some new techniques watching art videos on Youtube if worst came to worst. So that’s what I did.

And let me tell you, it was great! I learned to loosen up my lines, stopped using an eraser and basically practice drawing the human figure. I also got into Urban Sketching and got out sketching the town when the weather was nice enough.

This sketching is not from Geneva but from our recent trip to Lapland! Such wonderful memories are kept with sketching…

Now, one of my favourite Urban Sketcher, Marc Taro Holmes is having a challenge to draw 100 people in a week. (Well 5 days actually, but the rules are a little vague on this so I’ve yet to decide if I do the 5 or 7 days thing…) And now seems like the perfect opportunity for me to get motivated and take part in the event.

Even though sketching was part of my life for such a long time, I’ve always shied away from drawing people. They move, it’s hard to capture a likeness, using templates and a line for the eyes was way easier that painfully learning anatomy and proportions. (Although, I did draw the templates myself, it’s just that it took me 2 hours to do it…)

As my interest lies in getting better at drawing the female figure, I’ve decided to focus doing quick academy sketches (aka nude or gesture drawings). I’m also really tempted to add clothes too, but will see how the challenge goes first before getting ahead of myself. I’m also interested in doing facial close up, adding colour with watercolour and learning to breath more life into my figures. But basically, my goal is to at least reach the 100 sketches and then see if I can experiment doing more.

Normally, the challenge is to go out and sketch people in the moment. But because it’s not very practical for me this week to do that, I’m bending the rules and will draw mostly from videos like Croquis Café (excellent academy drawing videos) or Sketchy. But still I’ll be drawing and that’s what matters the most.

It’s really an interesting event and I’m looking forward to participate. Hopefully, next week I’ll have a 100 figure drawings to show you. In the mean time, I’ll be posting them daily on my Instagram account. Then the last part of the Designing my first collection series will go out.

Lots of interesting stuff to look forward too, see you soon! 🙂