Onyx shirt: Pattern review

By Coralie, in Sewing2 Comments

There’s a new me-made addition to my summer closet! 🙂

Last week, Lisa from Paprika Pattern, a new and very cool indie pattern company, released her newest creation: the Onyx shirt!

I’ve been very fortunate to have been chosen by Lisa to review Onyx. So here’s my take on this versatile and timeless woven shirt.


This pattern has clean lines and is very minimalist, which is always something intriguing. In my opinion, this simple style can only mean one thing: fun picking a fabric that will play well with the lines of this shirt. So many possibilities, such a promising design!

The fabric is surprisingly from Ikea, not your conventional fabric store, but they do have a great selection of interesting designs printed on 100% cotton. And the prices are very reasonable too, which is always nice! 🙂


The print is a cool (and maybe slightly psychedelic…) black and white design. With its converging curves, when the motif is centered, it really gives a slimming effect to the garment.


There’s a lot of options available with the pattern. You can choose between a long shirt or you can sew a shorter, more modern version. And there’s also the possibility to add sleeves that come with very cute cuffs.

Even though the sleeves with cuff option was very tempting to sew, I’ve chosen to bet on a sunny summer and sticked with the sleeveless version. I also felt that with this print, sleeves would’ve been too much for the eyes.

And because I’m not very big on having my tummy uncovered, the long tee was a no-brainer. 😉


The pattern is extremely well explained. Lisa is really there to help you with every technique and has a great How-To for sewing the bias tape to the neckline and armholes. This gives such a clean and professional finish to your garment, I’m loving it!


But the best thing about this pattern is the size selection. Let me explain myself, selecting a size is always a headache. No pattern company has the same sizing standards and it’s sometimes hard to pick the best size particularly if your body doesn’t fit the “norm” (and no body does!).

But Lisa has this very neat chart to help you in your selection. It’s very simple and yet so useful, well done Miss Paprika Pattern! 🙂


I’m looking forward to a bit of sunshine so I can wear this new shirt outdoors! For the time being, I’m enjoying wearing it inside.

If you want to make a Onyx for yourself, go and grab your copy in Paprika Pattern’s shop. (hurry, with luck it’s still 15% off to celebrate the release!)