Sewing a Wardrobe

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I always loved creating. No matter the trend, no matter the time, for as long as I can remember I’ve been creating things. Jewellery, garments, shawls, home decor, you name it. While some techniques came and went (scrap booking anyone?), the two things I’ve constantly been doing are knitting and sewing.

Sewing a Wardrobe Title

For me, knitting is perfect for watching TV and making the most of small unused amount of time. Sewing on the other hand can be more demanding and has to be done in a previously designated (cats-free) area.

When I knit, I feel like I’m doing a marathon, the project is long and won’t get finished right away but it’s soothing and gratifying. Like they say, happiness is found in the path, not the destination. (at least in French you can say it…)
Sewing can be a lot faster (try knitting a sweater in a couple of days…) but is a lot messier, espacially the initial part of pinning, cutting etc. And I also have the (bad?) habit of not using patterns or altering them which makes the process a bit of a headache sometimes. But even if the process isn’t straightforward, I still love to dream up outfit and proudly wear them.

But since making my wedding dress, I haven’t sewn a lot and I miss it.

Colette’s Wardrobe Architect Challenge and last week The Great British Sewing Bee reminded me of that. So, I simply took the decision to plan more sewing for this year.
As for the Wardrobe Architect, I’ve read and completed the first few steps and I’m happy to know a bit more clearly what my personal style is. I tried not to think about it too much and just put together pictures and clothes that inspired me.

For those interested, here’s a recap of what I have so far:
Words that define my style: timeless, graceful, cozy, charming and natural.

Wardrobe Architect Style Inspiration

I don’t really have fashion icons. However if asked to find people whose style speak to me I would have to say the following.

Wardrobe Architect Fashion icons

Without any surprise, Audrey Hepburn for a classic yet playful style. Alexis Bledel for her charming and simple personality (includes the whole Gilmore Girls wardrobe), Emma Watson for her timeless sense of fashion and Zooey Deschanel for the vintage dresses she wears with a modern style.
If you want to know more about my research, check out my Pinterest board.

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So my goals for the year are to make at least one garment a month and continue knitting and creating patterns (watch out for one coming out really soon). That way I hope to make a more coherent wardrobe consisting of personalised sewing and knitting pieces.
I have done a pattern search but I can’t seem to find exactly what I want. So I’ll make myself a slopper and draft the patterns I need from it. Maybe a bit extreme but hopefully, it’ll help me learn more about drafting that way.
I’ve already sketch a few ideas but I’m waiting to clear my closet to have a better notion about what’s missing and what I already own.
As for the blog, this means more sewing posts and certainly brand new How-To as I learn new techniques. Plus watch out for some inspiration posts in the near futur… just saying! 🙂

And after all that hopefully, I’ll be able to participate in this year’s Me Made May with a whole personalise and handmade wardrobe. 🙂