Sewphotohop 2015

By Coralie, in Sewing2 Comments

Did you joined the very first Sewphotohop on Instagram? In any case, here a recap of this month’s sewing photos.

That’s it! Today is the first day of September which means the Sewphotohop has come to an end.
This great project was the idea of Rachel from House of Pinheiro and consisted of a huge Instagram photo posting month. And to make things even more fun, some giveaways and reductions were offered along the way.


Much like the Me Made May challenge, the Sewphotohop had you post pictures each day of the month of August according to a certain theme, sewing related of course. The difference was that you didn’t showcase what you made and wear but posted pictures corresponding to the day’s theme.


Posting to Instagram each day is great and very rewarding, but sometimes I must admit it was hard to keep up! Especially on the weekends, where I don’t like to be glued to my mobile phone. Now that it’s done, I guess the lesson to learn is that I should have planned the pictures since the themes were given in advance. However it feel a lot more fun and authentic to do it day to day. So on a whole, it was a very fun project for this last summer month.

Day 29 - Eye level
I also had a lot of fun seeing all the amazing pictures created each day by the talented seamstress’ of Instagram. It’s so inspiring to be part of such a vibrant, funny and creative community.

Well done to all the participants and see you at the next Instagram pic-along! 🙂