Stylish in my new Emily Culottes

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Yes, there’s a new make in my wardrobe, and a very stylish one too!
This post is long overdue because these culottes were finished in May (!), but I’ve been wearing them so often that I kept forgetting to take pictures when they were clean and pressed. Better late than never as they say…

Emily Culottes - Pattern by Itch to Stitch

So, without further ado, let me tell you the story of this new make.
After test sewing a few times already for Kennis from Itch to Stitch, I had my eyes and her very trendy Emily Culottes.

And what’s not to like about them, it looks like a skirt but it’s in fact shorts disguised as one. Right now, this style can be seen in a lot of shops, celebrities are rocking them and they look uber comfortable. You guessed it right, I was destined to make a pair, just to see what the fuss is about!


Let me tell you, they’re so GREAT! It’s perfect for warm weather as the legs are wide and flowy. Still you can ride a bike (I know so cliché but totally true!) or sit in the grass any way you want. No more knickers showing, total freedom! I love it! 🙂

The fabric is not linen, contrary to what all the wrinkles suggest. It’s a simple solid coton I’ve picked up years ago. But no matter the amount of steam and pressing I put on it, it still looks wrinkled. Let’s pretend it’s linen then…

I’ve had fun adding secret details to personalise them such as a cool contrasting fabric in the inside of the pockets.

Emily Culottes - 3

And instead of invisibly stitching the pocket welts closed, I’ve chosen to make it a design feature and visibly cross stitched them.

Emily Culottes - 1

To save time (and to be honest because I’ve never done one before this project, I was itching to try this feature on my machine), I tested the blind hem foot.
Funnily enough, it’s an attachment I use a lot for top stitching or hemming, but never for it’s intended purpose, blind hemming.
After a good read of my machine’s manual, I did a couple test runs and found it was a lot easier than it looked. The only tricky part is to fold the fabric correctly. Once you’ve got that down, sewing is just a matter of following the fold line.

I was so happy with the result that I immediately wrote a How-To about it. (Further proof that this post is a bit late in the game…)

The only “major” change I did to the pattern was replacing the invisible zipper by a lapped one. Sewing supplies can be hard to come by around here and I didn’t feel like driving an hour long to find the correct zipper or wait for it to come by post. This one comes directly from my stash, a perfect way to use up all these pretty supplies I have in the sewing room!

Emily Culottes - 4

As a lover of details, the decorative waist tabs are a lovely feature. They are also conveniently placed so that it hides the side zipper nicely. Perfect in my case as both edges don’t match at the waist. (no one told you that… 😉 )

Emily Culottes - 2

Like I previously mentioned, I’ve been wearing these all summer long. Whether during the very warm and sweaty days we’ve been having or to dress up when going out, these were the perfect stylish garment for every occasion.


Another great pattern for the handmade closet! 🙂

Note: in French culottes means knickers/panties which makes writing this post quite bizarre at times… I’m having visions of people searching the web and landing here for the wrong reasons. Sorry but this post is about a trendy fashion item, not lingerie! 😉