The Hidden Secrets of the Dress

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It’s done! I’m so excited because since Friday August 15th, I’m officially Mrs G.! 😀
This week-end was beyond perfect and we really enjoyed every minute of it! I couldn’t be happier!

What I’m most proud of is my hand sewn dress! I’m so relieved I finished it in time and that I got to wear it for a full day and felt like a princess in it!

In my dress!

While patiently waiting for more and better photos, I thought I could share with you some finishing details.
If you follow this blog, you already know about the waist stay that kept this strapless dress from falling. But here are few other hidden secrets that made it even more perfect! 🙂

The first one is something essential to a wedding dress with a traine: a way to attach it!
My dress is made of a few layers. First, underneath everything, I wore a hoop skirt allowing me to walk without triping every few steps. Not loving the initially one I bought, and because I had to have something blue, I customised it a little! 😉

Hoop skirt

Then I made a plain underskirt that would hide my legs, hoop skirt and most importantly my underwear! 😉
This underskirt has a traine and is serving as a background for the tulle layers.
For these layers, I gathered four rectangles of tulle and hand sewn lace on the outermost one.
So in order to attach everything and be able to dance the night away, I created a way to attach the underskirt and bustle the tulle layers.

Dress shorten

The bustle was relatively easy. I’ve just sewn a loop cut from the button loops ribbon and hide it in the lace.

Bustle loop

When the dress was ready to be shorten, I asked my Maid of Honor to attach the loop to a button and Voilà! Easy!

Bustle loop attached

For the underskirt, I had to come with a way to fold it underneath the skirt and attach it in place for the dress to stay pretty when worn shorten. So just before lining the traine, I’ve sewn tiny metal loops on five points of the traine.

Metal loop on traine

Then I’ve sewn ribbons at the height I wanted these attach points fastened. Once you’re ready to bustle your dress, simply tie the ribbons to a metal loop and the underskirt will stay in place magically appearing to be short! And because I’m a bit of a perfectionist freak, I color coded the ribbons and loops to make it easier and faster.

Traine ribbons

Just before finishing the interior lining I also hand sewn so ribbons onto the waist of the dress. That way I could transport it more easily by suspending it on a hanger. When worn they simply fall into the skirt so no one notice them!

Hanging ribbon

The extra special final touch is a very personal one but one I wanted to do since the beginning.
To make this unique dress even more mine, I stamped a ribbon and hand sewn a small tag in the left part of the dress, where my heart would be…

Special touch

The dress

I’m extremely happy and proud of my dress! I couldn’t have wish for another and it made our day even more special. I can’t wait to have proper pictures to show you all! 🙂