The jumpsuit/romper experiment

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There’s a new make in my handmade closet but I’m not crazy about it!

Summer is starting to fade, but it’s not necessarily bad news in the sewing world!

There’s a lot of exciting projects that can be made for autumn. I have big dreams for it, a new coat (as if I didn’t already own a thousand…), a transition dress, some lingerie and bikini (not very cold weather friendly, but we’re finally getting away to the beach for a week in september). And let’s not forget school will be starting soon, which means another ton of new projects and ideas coming my way…
However crazy my to-sew list is becoming, there’s still some summer sewing going on around here and the latest make is a Sallie Jumpsuit hacked into a romper!


And I’m not so crazy about it… :-/
Don’t get me wrong. The pattern is absolutely fabulous. Heather from Closet Case Files does a great job with the whole thing. From well explained instructions to pretty neat and clean designed file, it was a joy to work with her pattern.
And this kimono top with ties in the back, how is it possible that this cutie doesn’t do?
What will follow is sadly a story of love and hate, poor decisions and a bad timing.
Let me explain…


Let start with the fabric. If you remember, I’d repurposed a knit bed sheet and cut into it so I could use an affordable stretch material. When the price of something gets too high in your corner of the world, you have to get creative, right? Well this was my solution. And a very legitimate one at that if I dare say so myself, but just not the right one for this project.
True the fabric is of good quality and the stretch was perfect for this jumpsuit. However, what wasn’t anticipated is that a solid wouldn’t be a good choice for this particular type of clothing.
I feel like it’s not fancy enough and so makes this make look a little too “prison outfit”, if you know what I mean.

You see, I don’t usually wear jumpsuits, at least I haven’t since I was 10 years old. So this was a complete leap of faith on my part. Turns out, a patterned fabric would have brought a little visual interest. Because, when wearing them, I truly feel like I’m in my PJs. But sadly not in a particularly good way… Crazy comfortable: 10 points, style: 0.


I have to admit, one of the reason they’re not as perfect as first envisioned is the overall silhouette. This is the lined kimono top and shorten leg combo. And lining the top for a summer garment that is fitted is quite idiotic on my part.
Had I thought a bit, I would of done like Heather did on her romper hack post and binded the edges without any lining.
And to top it off, the crotch fit, while perfectly appropriate for long pants, is a bit too tight on the back. Then again, in the hack proposed, Heather adds a little breathing room in this area and wider legs…
Speaking of this helpful post, it got published literally a couple of days after this was nearly complete and just in need of a good hemming. Bad timing for me.
One thing’s sure, if there’s a next time, I’ll definitely follow these advices or do a long leg version…

But not everything is all bad. The clear elastic trick on the neckline and pockets edges is a very nice and thoughtful touch. The latter is also pretty neat, I just love this style.
And don’t you just love the ties in the back? This is probably what I love most.


All in all, this project was not a 100% fail, but rather a good experiment with a wearable (if only indoors) garment in the end. What I learned from this is that when sewing a new style for yourself it’s good to have at least tried one on before. That way you can determine if it’s something you’re going to really like or not. And it’s not because you cut the legs shorter that’s going to make awesome shorts.
In this case, this particular style would of been better on me with the long legs or a short skirt, something to bare in mind for next time…

Sorry Heather, did my best!
What do you think of this make? Should I dare to wear in in public or plan a refashion?