The wedding shawl: Check!

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If you follow my Instagram, you saw that I blocked Promise me on Monday! Yay!

Promise me is done

I’m so in love with it right now. The silk and alpaca lace yarn I’ve used is so soft and warm, it feels like butterfly’s wings are covering my shoulders and keeping me warm.


Airy and draps well

The last rows went very smoothly even though they were looong!
However, I had a big scare when starting the picot bind off: my interchangeable needle unscrewed itself and half the shawl dropped of it! Arrrrrgh!
After a good scream, I managed to calm myself enough and tried to fix it.

Oh no! Dropped stitches

Carefully, I’ve put the stitches back on the needle and made sure it was tightly screwed this time. Naturally, the last knit row is made of a lot of yarn over so when dropped, they undid themselves instantly… In the end, I had to redo a lot of the row and it was very frustrating, but the crisis could of been much worst!

Promise me on chair

The blocking took longer than usual because this shawl grew so much after being soaked! I’m glad it did because after binding off, I was afraid to end up with a long scarf and not the big airy shawl I imagined!
But the pinning did its magic and it’s absolutely lovely now!

Lace detail

I didn’t get to wear it much yet because I’m saving it for the wedding! The last thing I want is to risk spilling something on it!

Lace border

I’m so looking forward to wear it with the dress, it’ll be a perfect combination!
Speaking of the dress, I should go and finish it instead of blogging. 😉
Hopefully, more updates soon!