February has already come and gone so let’s look at the progress made on the Colette’s Wardrobe Architect Challenge!

Wardrobe Architect Spring-Cleaning-Title

This month, I’ve taken up the big task of cleaning my closet. It’s been quiet some time since I’ve taken the courage to do that, but motivated by the perpective of a handmade wardrobe, I’ve dive into it.

I started by putting aside all the clothes I wear regularly and feel comfortable in. That was the easy part and helped me get into the spirit of it.
Then the rest was divided into two piles: the « no » and « maybe » piles.
The « no » pile simply contained all the clothes I didn’t like anymore or felt self conscious in. These will get either donated to friends or family, recycled into something new or donated to charity.
Following Kristen’s advice, I’ll wait a bit before giving them away so I know it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.
Then, I had to deal with the « maybe » ones. It may be more time consuming but to determine if something stayed or got trashed, I tried them on one by one. By doing this, you immediately see what still works for you or clearly doesn’t.
Still there’s a few clothes I hang onto because it’s something I need to have in my closet (who doesn’t need a chic white blouse?) but I don’t wear anymore because the style is outdated.
So I’ve made a deal with myself: to keep these items in my wardrobe for the moment, until I can make another. The minute I have something better, it’ll get tossed.

Using this technique, I’ve now a small list of garments I want to make so I can update them. The list includes a casual dress with short sleeves, a chic white blouse, a knitted cardigan, a pair of shorts and a spring coat.

I’ve also made some progress on actual sewing! YAY! \o/

My polka dot blouse is nearly done with just the bottom hem to do.

Spring Blouse

After trying it on, I do find that the neckline and top part is a bit baggy on me so before finishing it I need to decide what can be done about it. This needs to be fixed because if it doesn’t feel 100% good on me, it won’t get worn more than a few times.

These are the times when you regret not making a muslin and checking the fit before starting with the nice fabric… 🙁

Spring Blouse 2

Anyone has a idea to make it less huge near the top? I was thinking of unpicking the center seam (the one that goes across the bust) and make the cross parts go further near the armholes. But other than that…

Because I couldn’t find a decent solution to the blouse problem, I decide to start something else in the mean time. Something quick and simple: a Sorbetto blouse!

This free pattern by Colette is just the thing to help me start my wardrobe for this spring.

Sorbetto Blouse

And I had a nice festive fabric to go with it, the perfect “in between” project!

Sorbetto Blouse 2

In just a few hours it was nearly done. Now, the only decision left is to set my mind on a binding colour. Satin gold or pink?

Sorbetto Bias Binding colour

When these two will be completed and wearable, the next thing on my list is a Moneta dress also by Colette. I already have a vision of a simple and versatile dress with this cute blue jersey I have. Stay tuned for more on this soon!

Moneta dress and fabric

Although I’ve spend a few evening sewing, I haven’t left knitting out of the game and found  my next “big” project!

So in between new patterns development and shawl knitting (the yarn for the MClub should be here soon, fingers crossed!), I want to knit myself a cardigan and Shifting Sand by Lime Scented seems like a winner! 🙂

Shifting Sand Cardigan - Knitting pattern

There’s still plenty to be done with this Wardrobe Architect Challenge but it was really the thing to motivate me. Finally my own handmade wardrobe is taking shape! 🙂

Did you make any progress on yours?